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Best Shower Valve 2024 Reviews | Buying Guide & Comparison

Are you looking for the best shower valve? Well then, consider it done because we already have what you’re looking for. But first, take a closer look at what really is a shower valve and how it works. If you’ve never paid attention to your house plumbing, this term might sound new to you. When it comes to leaking problems, you might actually hear a plumber say that it leads to the shower valve. Just like how your tap works, the shower valve’s function is to control the flow of water on your shower.

It also varies depending on the specific functions and perks you are looking for. So, here are the best shower valves that you can choose from on the market.

Best Shower Valves in The Year 2021

1. Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure Balance Valve Trim

If you are looking for a modern and sleek addition to your bathroom, GROHE is definitely a top choice. For years, GROHE has been known for producing products that have a modern and sleek design. Aside from offering products that are well-engineered using a state of the art technology, GROHE is known for their elegance. In fact, this pressure balance valve trim from GROHE is what you can call a great investment in one look.

This trim kit is also perfect if you want an effortless upgrade or replacement in your bathroom. Without spending big, you can enjoy a good trim that can maintain the water temperature you prefer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made from brass materials with German perfectionism quality
  • Made to last for years of use that ranges from precious matte to shiny like a diamond in its GROHE Starlight Chrome finish
  • Compatible with Grohsafe Pressure Balance Rough-in Valve (35 015)
  • Specially faucet trimmed with a modern design and faucet handle
  • Comes with a single lever handle for controlling the flow of water in the shower
  • Includes a pressure balance valve trim set in the package
  • Escutcheon with wall sealing to keep it safely mounted on the wall
  • With ADA compliant and GROHE lifetime warranty


  • Affordable and easy to operate
  • The design is very elegant and sleek
  • A perfect match to all Grohe shower systems
  • A great addition for any bathroom renovation
  • Made from modern parts and delivered in every way with great quality


  • It may not be compatible with old Grohe shower valves
  • Some lightweight parts have a “plastic” feel with chrome plating

2. Moen T2191 Align PosiTemp Tub/Shower Valve Trim

Have you ever tried using a product from Moen? If you haven’t yet, then you better start now. When you buy Moen products, you don’t only get it for its looks but also for its lifetime benefits. This shower valve trim without valve from Moen is one of the best additions to their family. With a modern and clean look, this shower valve trim without a valve can definitely refresh your bathroom into the next level.

It is compatible with Moen M-Pact common valve systems so you can easily update its style without replacing the plumbing. It is also compatible with other valves to help maintain your preferred water temperature.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed with a streamlined and modern style in order to give your bathroom a fresh sleek look
  • Works well with M-Pact common valve system which makes it easier to upgrade its styles without replacing its plumbing
  • With a mirror-like chrome finish and flexible trim kit that you can adjust depending on your liking
  • Compatible with PosiTemp pressure-balancing control valve to help you set and maintain your water temperature
  • Comes with a single lever handle to help you adjust its water temperature with ease
  • ADA Compliant and backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty


  • Shows off its quality in every angle
  • The components are not too complicated
  • Looks stunning in its modern and stylish design that is known in Moen products
  • It is very easy to use and functions smoothly with less effort required in mounting


  • Can be too expensive than other brands
  • The handle requires a long handle hex wrench with an odd size for mounting

3. Kohler GP77759 K-GP77759 Faucet Aerators and Adapters

Are you looking for KOHLER products but can’t find the right one to buy? Then, you’re lucky because you just spotted the right place to answer your questions. This set of faucet aerators and adaptors from KOHLER is definitely a great buy. You will not save a lot from buying a KOHLER product, you can also benefit from its longevity.

Designed by the top engineers of KOHLER, you can guarantee that it has retained its original product performance and quality. It can help your shower handle function smoothly and fit just the way it should be. It also includes a hot temperature control for your safety.

Features and Specifications:

  • Provides a smooth shower handle rotation so you can control it without a hassle
  • Specially designed by KOHLER to guarantee its original performance and longevity
  • Its 3 inches internal ports are large enough to let you enjoy a quick bath filling than with other brands
  • Provides an anti-scald protection and temperature regulation at as low as 175 GPM flow rate
  • Includes a temperature limit stop that allows a maximum water temperature and provides additional scalding protection
  • Compatible with almost all Rite-Temp shower valves and KOHLER trim
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty from KOHLER


  • The price is affordable and the mixer is easy to replace
  • You can use it on almost all kinds of shower valves
  • Each part is originally made and designed by KOHLER
  • Contains a stem valve with KOHLER Genuine Parts logo


  • The materials used are made from plastic only which might not last for long
  • Can’t mix the hot and cold water well

4. KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve

Another product from the famous brand worldwide, this rite-temp pressure balancing valve from KOHLER is sure a high performer. Made using an advanced technology, this KOHLER product can efficiently prevent scalding as well as thermal shocks. This way, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any of these mishaps while you are taking a shower.

In addition, KOHLER made sure that you get the balancing valve’s diaphragm design to avoid getting unwanted water debris and contamination. Moreover, this valve can deliver high-temperature limit and convenience once you pair it with a compatible trim. It can be set on high volume and your preferred water temperature.

Features and Specifications:

  • Helps maintain the shower’s water temperature within +/- 3°F
  • Provides an anti-scalding protection and temperature regulation to the shower
  • Back to back installation is applicable for high or unique volume operations
  • Universal NPT and direct sweat connections
  • Mixing valve cycles from cold to hot water and 5.0 GPM flow rate
  • Includes a high-temperature safety stop to make sure that the water temperature stays below 120°F
  • Mounting tabs are placed on rough in for a safe installation
  • Integral screwdriver stops allow you to turn Off the water flow using the valve


  • Made from brass construction
  • It has an elegant design and finish that can fit any modern bathroom
  • With deep rough in kit that varies with trim
  • Doesn’t require additional parts for installing its universal NPT and direct sweat connections


  • There is no volume control for regulating the water flow
  • The valve and downstream volume valve should be closed after every use

5. Moen T2152BN Brantford PosiTemp Shower Trim Kit

When all you want is a high-quality shower trim kit that can complete your bathroom’s shower system, check out Moen. Moen’s Brantford Posi-Temp shower trim kit comes with intricate architectural features and can stay stunning over the years. With a brushed nickel finish, Moen faucets and accessories can be the perfect addition to any bathroom. Its design can effortlessly bring a traditional yet sleek look to your bathroom.

It features a highly functional trim kit with showerhead and a single lever handle so you will never have a problem operating it. It is also compatible with Moen’ M-PACT common valve system to ensure an easy installation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brushed nickel finish brings the warm look of stainless to your bathroom
  • Its LifeShine finish guarantees that this PosiTemp shower trim is made to last long
  • With a single lever handle makes it easier to adjust the water
  • Compatible with PosiTemp pressure-balancing control valve to set the water temperature you desire
  • Built on the Moen M-PACT common valve system
  • A single handled lever with a single function shower head
  • Comes with a 3.5 inches spray head that has a 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) flow rate
  • With a limited lifetime warranty and ADA Compliant


  • Polished and crafted with a traditional design that promotes a timeless appeal
  • Guaranteed free from tarnishing and corrosion for a lifetime
  • Its faucet style can be updated without spending on new plumbing
  • Can be operated with ease when adjusting the water temperature


  • Can be a little pricey with a single function only
  • Does not include a rough-in valve in the package

6. Pfister JX8-310P Single Handle Tub and Shower Valve

If you have not tried using Pfister in your bathroom shower system, then you have not found the right partner yet. When it comes to tub and shower valves, Pfister’s single handle tub and shower valve is a must-have. Aside from providing a new look in your shower system, it promotes excellent features that can improve your shower time.

Weighing less than 2 pounds, there is no doubt that you can experience a hassle while installing it. In fact, this single handle tub and shower valve from Pfister has a traditional design that allows a step by step of simple operation.

Features and Specifications:

  • A single handle tub and a shower valve for controlling the water temperature
  • Made from a solid brass construction guarantees its optimum product performance and product longevity
  • Prevents hot water scalding and cold water shocks while in use
  • Specifically designed with a traditional style and unfinished finish to enhance its solid brass construction
  • Weighs only 1.45 lbs. which definitely lists into one of the most lightweight shower valves
  • The 0X8 valve pressure balancing that comes with it helps you to maintain the water temperature when the pressure changes
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Made from solid brass materials
  • Very easy to regulate its water temperature
  • Made with good quality to ensure it can function for years
  • Very easy to connect each part during the installation process
  • Shows a traditional yet fully functional design


  • The water flow might be reduced sometimes
  • Requires a help from professional during the installation
  • The plastic part breaks faster

7. Moen 2580 PosiTemp Pressure Balancing Shower Valve

Designed with the aim to bring comfort and innovation into your bathroom, this pressure-balancing shower valve from Moen can fill your needs. Its compatibility with M-PACT common valve system gives you a great opportunity to install the valve and enjoy hassle-free improvements. Thus, you can make an upgrade any time you want in the future without spending for a brand new faucet plumbing.

You can even change how it looks during the decoration or construction process. Its PosiTemp valve is a pressure balancing valve that works helps maintains your water temperature within +/-3°F. Thanks to its built-in temperature limit stops.

Features and Specifications:

  • The valve has a metal construction to guarantee its strength and resistance to heat for years of use
  • Equipped with the PosiTemp technology to help you set and maintain the water temperature you prefer
  • Compatible with the Moen M-PACT common valve system which allows you to upgrade its design for a low cost
  • 1222 cartridge in the valve helps it withstand even years of regular use in your bathroom and back to back installations
  • Backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty that can protect the product from drips, leaks, or any finish defects


  • The hottest temperature can be predetermined prior to installation
  • Its metal construction ensures its durability
  • Uses a convenient system that lets you enhance its design without changing the plumbing
  • It can deliver up to 2,580 water flow in a consistent water temperature


  • Includes the rough-in valve only not the valve trim
  • You still have to solder the PEX adapter to the valve

8. Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve

If you still haven’t found the best shower valve for your bathroom, then go for GROHE. GROHE has been around in the industry for years already and has successfully established a reliable brand. Thus, it’s no wonder that this universal pressure balance rough-in valve came to this list. It features an optional extension kit that includes a Blue Core cartridge.

Its diaphragm copper system is designed to detect and alert you in case a shift in the flow of cold or hot water occurs. Thus, it will automatically function and compensate for the sudden changes to maintain the water temperature and flow rate you want.

Features and Specifications:

  • ½ inch universal inlets and ½ inch universal outlets pressure balance rough-in valve
  • Universal connection is ½ inch male and 265° comfort range
  • Includes a diaphragm cartridge and check valves
  • Includes a cap and plug to be used for the 3-port installation
  • The pressure balance rough-in valve has a handle limit stop, check valves, and service stops
  • Its maximum flow rate is 5.5 GPM at 45 PSI on the top port, and 5.8 GPM at 45 PSI on the bottom port
  • Passed all the Federal Lead Guidelines to guarantee that it’s quality


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Made from a metal construction ensures its lifetime durability
  • Provides a lifetime of ultimate comfort
  • Very convenient to use and highly recommendable for all GROHE users
  • Its SilkMove guarantees the smoothest handling with an effortless accuracy


  • Requires a professional to be installed properly
  • Too expensive for its quality
  • The handle may require some troubleshooting prior to installation

9. KOHLER K-302-K-NA Ceramic Wall-Mount Two-Handle Valve System

When you don’t want to hire a professional and prefer to do things on your own, KOHLER is a great choice. This ceramic wall mounted valve system from KOHLER with two handles that can replace worn-out center mount rough-in valve easily. No need to get a helping hand from professionals, this can be done by yourself by cutting a small hole on the wall.

Perhaps, you can also make a little adjustment on the shower side’s height to install the valves. Its tough solid brass construction tops other valves’ performances in spite of its traditional style. It also has a very functional handle for water control.

Features and Specifications:

  • Yoke reversible for the top and bottom supplies with a maximum of 10.0 GPM flow rate
  • 1 piece of a ceramic valve with a uniquely shaped handle to offer you comfort when turning it
  • Made with a brass valve body and brass construction that prevents the buildup of hard water and debris
  • Includes a two-handle faucets that are wall mounted and 8 inches (203mm) centers
  • The quarter turn ceramic disc valve of this valve system tops the industry’s overall standards with a less complicated On/Off water control
  • Its solid brass construction ensures a durable and top-notch


  • Made with good design and quality materials
  • Highly recommended for a hassle-free installation
  • Very easy to use and guaranteed to last for a lifetime
  • Complete with wall mounting parts for installation
  • Works just the way you needed it with safety features


  • A little too pricey than other brands
  • Still requires a valve trim which is separately sold to make it work

10. Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Tub

Have you tried using Delta Faucet before? Delta Faucet may look intimidating for first-time users but it certainly is one of the best. As a matter of fact, this universal tub and shower valve is 100% made from the USA. Therefore, you can already tell that it is made from high-quality materials and great construction. Not to mention the fact that it is indeed made from a solid brass construction which is considered as one of the strongest materials.

This universal tub and shower valve from Delta Faucet is considered high-valued. Most importantly, its square plaster guard allows a simple 90° cuts for a hassle-free installation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Pressure test cap is made to be heat resistant to allow water or air testing prior to installing the cartridge
  • Built with a MultiChoise universal valve body
  • Designed to be compatible with a single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge
  • Its special mounting brackets are designed to reduce the rocking by keeping the valve completely secured to a stringer
  • Comes with three connection types that include PEX, IPS, and Universal to provide more connection options depending on your plumbing
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure the quality of its outlet and finish


  • Ideal for replacing or installing a new outlet
  • Very flexible and compatible with most plumbing systems
  • With back to back installation capability
  • Made from high-quality and reliable materials for a superb performance
  • Its solid brass construction makes it one of the toughest bathroom accessories


  • The compatible cartridge is also not included
  • The screws and sponges which are needed for connecting the valves are sold separately

How to Choose the Right Shower Valve

When it comes to shopping, always remember to look for the best. Otherwise, you can just end up with a cheap product that can’t even serve its purpose. So, here are some things to consider when choosing the good shower valve on the market:

  • Choose Between Manual and Thermostatic Shower Valves
  • Manual Shower Valves

Generally, manual shower valves are very affordable and simple to use. You can actually imagine it as using a basic mono tap where you just twist and turn a level. That’s it and you can already set the flow and temperature of water from your faucet. In addition, manual shower valves are typically single handled valves. Thus, manual shower valves are typically used if you only intend to have low and high-pressure options.

Since manual shower valves usually share a single handle, you have to use the same handle whenever you need to On/Off the shower. You also need to adjust it to get the right water temperature every time you need to use the shower. Moreover, you have to check the water’s pressure rating as you might need a high pressure to enjoy a good water flow.

Thermostatic Shower Valves

When it comes to thermostatic shower valves, everything is made easier. From the On/Off switch to the control of water temperature, thermostatic shower valves got you covered. Unlike manual shower valves that require you to work on the water temperature all the time, thermostatic shower valves don’t. Thermostatic shower valves can maintain the usual water temperature you prefer if it’s within +/- 2°C.

Thus, you can enjoy the same water temperature every time you want to use the shower. In case the flow of hot or cold water is reduced, thermostatic shower valves can still maintain water the temperature. As thermostatic shower valves are more advanced, they usually have 2-3 handles depending on how many outlets you need. One handle is used for controlling the temperature which can be left where you want it and the other is for On/Off switch.

  • Choose Between Twin and Triple Shower Valves/ and Diverters
  • Twin and Triple Shower Valves

The first one is the twin thermostatic shower valve which can only control a single function in your shower. One of its handles is used for controlling the water temperature while the other one is for controlling the water flow. The second one is the triple shower valve which can control two functions and use it all at once. One of its handles is for controlling the water temperature while the two others are for controlling the water flow on each function.

Twin and Triple Shower Valves and Diverters

When it comes to shower valves with diverter, there’s also the twin thermostatic shower valve and diverter. This controls two functions and allows you to switch the flow of water between the fixed shower head and handset. One of its handles is for controlling the temperature while the other handle/diverter is for switching the water between its two functions.

Lastly, the triple shower valves and diverters control the most functions with – three functions. One of its handles is for controlling the temperature while the other handle/diverter is for switching the water flow between its two functions. The last handle can independently control the third function which is typically used for body jets.


So there you have it. Before you buy a shower valve, take note what its purpose is and how it works. You may not realize it before but high-quality shower valves should be able to last for years. So if you think yours already started to leak or malfunction, don’t think twice and replace it. As much as you want to get loads of discounts, a shower valve is not something that you should neglect.

Instead, it is best to invest in the best shower valve which may probably mean spending more. But just like other high-quality products and services on the market, cheap isn’t always the best option.