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Best Pond Pumps Reviews in 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

A pond is a beautiful body of fresh but still water and is formed naturally or artificially. Waterfalls, fountains, and streams beautify the waterbody, which all require a pond pump for its proper functioning. Besides, as ponds contain still water, you need a water garden pump to aerate and keep the pond water moving or circulating.

However, there are so many types of pumps in the market that it’s not easy finding the right one. You can’t just choose one based on its brand name or because there’s a good deal on offer. You need to make some calculations, and look out for a few features to ensure the garden water pump is safe and worth buying for your pond.

Top 10 Best Pond Pumps Reviews On The Market

1. Little Giant 1900 GPH Premium Pond Pump

The Little Giant Dual Discharge Pump may be just what you are looking for if you need a pond pump to operate two of your water features simultaneously. This is all thanks to the dual-discharge design of this powerful direct-drive pump.

Unlike most garden water pumps, this pump is versatile in function and used both vertically and horizontally. As it produces a maximum pumping height of 20 feet with its 16-foot cord, it is powerful enough to handle waterfall and stream applications. This means that it can easily pump water for both your waterfall and fountain.

The Little Giant produces much more power, when started and generates better flow pressure than magnetic drive submersible pumps. The pump powering the imported Little Giant has a water moving capacity of 1900 gallons of water per hour. Though a submersible pump, it has a corrosion resistant body which prolongs its life.  However as it is a small fountain pump, it is better used in small pounds.


  • Can simultaneously operate two water features because of its dual-discharge design
  • Easily installed imported compact water fountain pump
  • Its 16-foot cord helps produce a maximum water pumping height of 20 ft.
  • Ideal to use in small ponds with waterfall and stream applications
  • More powerful start and flow pressure than magnetic drive submersible pumps
  • Comes with an elbow adapter and discharge cap
  • Versatile in functioning and fits most ponds horizontally or vertically
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Powerful but quiet pump with a capacity of 1900 GPH
  • Affordably priced


  • Inlet tends to easily clog if used in ponds with lots of plant life
  • Not easy to clean when clogged

2. Alpine PAL3100 Pump, 33′, Black

The Alpine PAL3100 33 inches cyclone pump is worth considering if you are looking for a garden water pump for your pond. This is a pump with the unique attribute of being able to be used both as an external and submersible pump.

The pump also helps you save money as it’s driven by electromagnetic power, and is thus energy efficient to reduce your utility bills. Besides, the pump is oil-free and therefore safe to use in ponds with underwater life.

The Alpine Cyclone Pump may be made of plastic, but it is epoxy protected, boasts of a ceramic shaft and ceramic impeller shafts for extended life and durability. It also has a vortex impeller with a large pre-filter which you can easily disassemble without using any tools.

The hybrid pump is versatile in its use. It can be used not only inside or outside water but also vertically or horizontally. Besides, it is compact in size, measuring only 8 inches in length and 5 inches width and 6 inches height.

With its 33 feet cord, the pump is used at higher altitudes for use with high head water applications like fountains and waterfalls. There’s also no need to use any cord extensions with these pond pumps.

It comes from the Alpine company, a company that specializes in water pumps and small fountain pumps. While this unit produces a power of 3100 GPH, the company has a wide range of pumps available in various strengths ranging from 2100 to 8000 GPH.


  • Made of plastic and has an epoxy coating
  • Features a ceramic shaft and ceramic impeller shafts for prolonged life
  • Oil-free and magnetic-driven, so it’s safe to use in ponds with fish
  • Has a large pre-filter that’s easily disassembled without using tools
  • Compact in size and a hybrid pump that is used under or above water.
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Energy and cost efficient pump
  • Ideal for a garden pond or any other water feature
  • Manufactured by Alpine company
  • Compatible customer support
  • Uses 190 watts of power to produce 3100 GPH at zero height
  • Affordably priced and backed by a three-year warranty


  • Complaints of the plastic on impeller breaking
  • Allegations of the pump not pumping at specified heights

3. Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Pump 7, Black, (700 gph)

Looking for a good pond pump? If yes, then the Danner Pondmaster 02527 700 GPH is worth checking out. It’s a magnetic drive pump made in the USA using the best materials that are typically used for producing the best marine products.

The Danner mini fountain pump is designed to run continuously without the worry of any worn out seals. And as the pump is filled with not oil but epoxy, you are assured you needn’t worry about any leaks occurring. Besides, the absence of oils in the pump means that your plants and animals in the pond are safe.

Another feature worth mentioning about the Danner Pondmaster is its optimal energy efficiency that helps save you hundreds of dollars while using your water fountain pump. So though you may have to pay a bit more for this pump when compared to other pumps, it’s well worth it.

The Danner pump has a capacity of cycling 700 gallons of water per hour and comes with a prefilter. Its cord is 18 feet long, making it suitable to use with high head water features like waterfalls and fountains.

The garden water pump is used under or above water and runs quietly while operating water features. It has a built-in adjustable flow control device. Safe to use in salt water bodies too as its stainless steel impeller shaft withstands salt.


  • Made in the USA and comprised of the best materials
  • Creates the ideal environment for aquatic life, like other Danner products
  • Designed to work continuously without the risk of any seals wearing out
  • No worry about harmful leaks for plants and animals as it’s filled with epoxy and not oil
  • Saves hundreds of dollars as its energy efficient
  • Comes with an eighteen feet power cord
  • Can cycle 700 gallons of water an hour at a maximum height of eleven feet eight inches
  • Has a prefilter
  • A magnetic drive water pump that runs quietly
  • Can be used submerged or inline
  • Ideal for use in small garden fountains and shallow water bodies


  • Complaints of inferior quality materials used in construction
  • Complaints of noisy working
  • Tendency to leak

4. Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 1000 GPH

The Active Aqua submersible water pump comes from USA’s oldest wholesaler, Hydrofarm. It’s a powerful and versatile water garden pump that’s perfect to use in any hydroponic system. It is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and has a capacity of circulating as much as 1000 gallons per hour (GPH).

The Active Aqua pump is ideal to use in reservoirs containing as much as 100 gallons of water. It’s a magnetic drive pump built with removable foam filters, impellers and even has mounting feet meant to help reduce the vibration and any noise created. The pump is used both submerged and inline.

The pump is made using BPA safe materials and is thus safe for aquaponic use. Its power cord is six feet long, and as the pump is oil-free, the pump is environmentally safe. There’s no worry about any oil leakages causing ill-harm to your plants and animals.

The Active Aqua pump is easy to maintain as it can be quickly taken apart to clean and put back together. Even its sponge filter and impeller are easy to clean and replace if required. There’s no need to buy additional sump pumps to completely clear your reservoir or tank of water with the Active Aqua pump around.

It has a Bottom Draw Pump Adapter that converts the pump into a bottom draw pump to clear the last bit of water from your tank or reservoir. And with its multiple hose fittings, you are assured the exact fit every time you use the pump. And as the pump has a ceramic shaft, it’s safe for saltwater operation too.


  • Built using BPA safe materials by the nation’s oldest wholesaler Hydrofarm
  • Ideal for use in reservoirs containing more than hundred gallons of water
  • Can be used both indoors and as an outdoor water pump
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has a 6 feet power cord
  • Rubber mounting feet that reduce vibration and prolongs pump life
  • Environmentally safe as it does not use oil
  • Can circulate a maximum of 1,000 gallons of water per hour
  • Can be run inline and submerged


  • Complaints of receiving the wrong fittings to attach hoses
  • Poor customer support
  • Complaints of not circulating 1000 GPH

5. Flexzion Pond Pump

The Flexzion pond pump is an extremely versatile water pump. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, submerged or externally and even in both salt and freshwater. This is why it’s ideal to use in not only pond filtration systems and waterfalls but also in aquariums.

The water fountain pump is safe to use with plants and animals around as it has no oil, copper or harmful chemicals at all. Besides, it also works on electronic variable frequency technology wherein you can adjust the water flow rate as required. This helps you save as much as sixty percent of energy costs by letting you choose and run the pump on small power, massive flow, high H-max and even silent settings.

The pump will serve you for years, thanks to its non-corrosive material. The pump offers a lift height of thirteen feet with a 7.3 feet power cord and a maximum water flow rate of 1200 GPH. The pump’s spiral propeller design permits as large as quarter inch dirt particles.


  • Perfect to use indoors or outdoors, submerged or external in both salt and freshwater
  • Can be used in aquariums, pond filtration systems, and other pond applications
  • Saves 60% energy with its electronic frequency conversion technology offering variable settings
  • Permits dirt particles that are even a quarter inch in size due to its spiral propeller design
  • Safe to use with fishes as no oil, copper or harmful chemicals involved
  • Long lasting pump built using non-corrosive material
  • Maximum flow rate of 1200 GPH and lift height of 13 feet
  • Power cord is 7.3 feet long
  • Comes with a set of outlet adapter
  • Powerful but quiet when in use


  • Some complaints of not receiving a functional unit

6. Simple Deluxe LGPUMP1056G Submersible Water Pump

The Simple Deluxe submersible pump is a bit different from other models because it has its pre-filter fitted at its intake point. This prevents any debris from entering the pump and thus helps prolong the pump’s life.

The pump’s life is also prolonged with its shiny aluminum oxide rotor shaft that’s made of ceramic as it’s not only non-corrodible but has thrice the durability of stainless steel. The pump is designed using a unique synchronous technology where it’s important internal electrical parts are covered with epoxy. This prevents the unnecessary conduction and decomposition of metal parts.

Besides, the pump can lift a maximum of 1056 GPH and can reach a maximum lift height of 12 feet. It has a fifteen feet waterproof copper power cord with ground, heavy duty flexible vinyl jacket. The pump is also safe to use if there’s fish in the water as there’s no exposed copper.

The pump is ideal to use to circulate and aerate the water in aquariums, spouts, fountains and hydroponic systems. It is easily cleaned without the help of any tools for disassembling and cleaning the filter or impeller. And with three threaded fittings on the nozzle, the joint between the spout and pipe are better sealed and stable.


  • Comes with a pre-filter at its intake to prevent debris from entering the pump
  • Durable construction where crucial internal motor parts are covered with epoxy resin
  • The non-corrodible aluminum oxide ceramic impeller shaft is thrice as durable as stainless steel
  • Safe for fishes as there’s no risk of exposed copper or any oil
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning without any tools
  • Waterproof fifteen feet power cord
  • Perfect to use in aquariums, spouts, fountains and hydroponic systems
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Can circulate 1056 gallons of water an hour to a maximum height of 12 feet
  • Three threaded fittings on nozzle seals the joint between nozzle and pipe


  • Complaints of leakage around the o-ring
  • Cheap housing that easily cracks

7. PondMaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pump, 1200 GPH

Pond pumps are essential for aerating your fountain and ponds. The Danner 02722 is one powerful water fountain pump made using the best materials usually used for manufacturing the best aquatic supplies.

The Pondmaster as it’s called can circulate as much as 1200 gallons of water in an hour. It has a prefilter and is designed to run continuously as there’s no worry about wearing out seals. It’s not surprising as the pump is 100% designed, and made in the USA using high-quality material.

The Danner pump is capable of providing the best environment for your aquatic plants and animals as its safe for them. It does not contain any oils as it’s filled with epoxy. This means you needn’t worry about any dangerous oil leaks endangering your pond’s aquatic life. Besides, the pump runs rather quietly while operating water features.

As the pump is highly energy efficient, it helps save a lot on your utility bills. The pump has an eighteen-foot-long power cord, which can prove helpful while using high heightened water features.


  • Made using the same optimal materials used for making the best aquatic supplies
  • The pump is entirely safe for use with marine life as it has no oil that may spring leaks
  • The pump is filled with epoxy and designed to run continuously without wearing out seals
  • Designed and made in the USA using the best quality materials
  • Designed to run quietly with maximum energy efficiency to help save you hundreds of dollars
  • Can circulate a maximum of 1,200 gallons of water in an hour
  • Comes with a prefilter and an eighteen-foot-long power cord
  • Can be used in aquariums and ponds to power filters and waterfalls


  • Complaints of impeller put together using plastic tubing and glue
  • Water circulating efficiency tends to drop after a few weeks’ time

8. Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 10000L w/ 13W UV Sterilizer

It doesn’t matter if the pond is new or old, its water should be clean. The GoPlus Pond Pressure 4000GPH is perfect to keep the water in your pond clear and free from moss, rendering it safe for your fishes.

This 4000 GPH Pond pressure Bio Filter pump with built-in UV sterilizer light system improves your pond’s water quality. The pump also uses the help of efficient pressure filters with additional UVC ultraviolet purifiers to keep your pond and fountain water safe and clean.

The filters have a filtration capacity of 25 liters while the maximum flow rate the pump can achieve is 4000 gallons per hour. With its electric cord having a length of 15 feet, it can also be used to circulate air for high head water features.

The Goplus Pond Pressure is a new and high-quality water fountain pump. It is suitable for ponds with a standard fish load where it can be adjusted to work at 2500 GPH, and can even be used to circulate water in ponds with lots of fish at the rate of 1500 GPH.


  • The GoPlus is a high-quality pump made using the best materials.
  • The pump has an electric cord length of 15.5 feet
  • Works using efficient pressure filters and UVC ultraviolet purifier
  • Comes with a built-in UV bulb system
  • Maximum water circulation rate at 4000GPH
  • Has a filter capacity of 25 liters
  • Comes with a set of hose adapters, instruction manual, nuts and glass seal cover
  • Quickly set up and efficiently improves water clarity
  • Cleans the entire pond within a few hours of installation to give crystal clear water
  • Biofilter keeps Koi ponds healthy and free of algae


  • No replacement parts like filters and lights available
  • UV light is not bright enough.
  • Complaints of backflush not cleaning well
  • Poor customer support
  • UV light burns out in a few months’ time
  • A bit heavy so periodical cleaning of filters may be difficult

9. Danner 02720 Pond Mag 9.5 950-Gallon-Per-Hour Pump

Pond water needs constant aeration to prevent mold buildup. The Danner 02720 pond pump is one of the pumps that can do just what you are looking for in large garden fountains, ponds and even piped statuaries.

These water garden pumps have the capacity of circulating as much as 950 gallons of water per hour. The Danner pump follows their trademark design of the Magnetic drive utility pump running continuously without any risk or fear of seals wearing out.

Being a magnetic drive pump, it saves energy which means lower monthly expenses for you. Besides, you can safely use the pump in ponds with fishes and plants as the pump is not filled with oil but with epoxy. So there is no worry about any oil leaking into the waters and contaminating t to make it unsafe for plant and animal life in the pond.

The pump comes with a prefilter that prevents dirt particles from entering the pump. The 18 feet power cord proves helpful at circulating water in high head water applications. And as the pump runs quietly, there’s no disturbance from it as it operates your water features.


  • Ideal for use with large garden fountains, ponds, and piped statuaries
  • Runs continuously without the risk or fear of seals wearing out
  • Saves money as it’s highly energy efficient
  • Safe to use in ponds with fishes and plant life as there’s no risk of oil leaks
  • Filled with epoxy and cycles a maximum of 950 gallons of water per hour
  • Ceramic shaft makes it long lasting
  • Comes with a pre-filter and 5-year limited warranty
  • Can be used submerged or in-line
  • Has an eighteen feet power cord to operate high height water features


  • Stops pushing water after some time
  • Impeller breaks easily
  • Tends to leak water after some time
  • Better for only outdoor use and not indoor use

10. Alpine Corporation Extremely Energy Saving Waterfall Pump

Pond pumps are an essential accessory for ponds and aquariums. Alpine Corporation Eco-friendly magnetic powering pond is one such pump that helps aerate the water and keep it clean without forming any mold.

As this is a magnetic drive pond pump, it reduces energy consumption by more than 75% than standard pumps. The Alpine water feature pump has the power to circulate as much as 1400 gallons of water in an hour, making it perfect to use with high head water features like waterfalls and fountains.

The pump is not only powerful but also wholly leakproof, rendering it safe to use with your pond’s aquatic life. It is designed to maintain maximum output while working 24/7 with proper maintenance.

The pump’s permanent magnetic motor, in fact, promotes the pump’s reliable performance and durability in filtration systems and ponds. It has a prefilter that minimizes pump damage and prolongs its life by filtering off large debris particles.

The pump even has a convenient carrying handle for easy maneuverability and is easily installed where applicable thanks to its 360° rotating adapters.  The pump is not difficult to disassemble for maintenance and is easily connected to other Alpine series pond systems using its ‘click fit’ connectors.


  • Energy efficient to create more than 75% reduction in energy consumption
  • Leakproof and safe for aquatic life
  • Versatile enough to use with pond filtration units, waterfalls and more
  • Can quietly and efficiently function 24/7 with the right maintenance for years together
  • Improved performance and durability thanks to its permanent magnetic motor
  • Circulates 1400 GPH
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Pre Filter screens large dirt particles to prevent the pump from clogging and damage
  • Has a convenient carrying handle and 360° rotating adapters for easy placement
  • Click-fit connectors allow for easy maintenance disassembly and compatibility with other Alpine pond systems


  • Cannot be used with standard garden hoses
  • Not possible to adjust and set water pumping strengths at different timings

Use of Water Garden Pumps

Pond pumps are also called fountain pumps or water garden pumps, and serve four primary purposes:

  1. Pond filters– A pond filtration system removes toxins from water and keeps it clean and safe to use as water passes through it. It in the process maintains a clean and pleasant smelling pond.
  2. Circulation-Pond water has to be circulated to maintain healthy aquatic life by preventing water stagnation. You, in fact, need to install a pond water pump to your pond even if you don’t have a waterfall or fountain in it to keep the water moving.

Moving water oxygenates the water to help reduce algae growth. It also prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs on the water surface by mimicking natural water flow in the pond. It also distributes nutrients around the water to fish, plants and other aquatic creatures in it.

  1. Aerator-Pond air pumps prove useful where the water needs only oxygenation and not any water flow like during pond winterization. The pump provides a constant stream of oxygen and gas exchange in the water without any flowing water that only makes the pond water colder.
  2. With water features– You need a water fountain pumps to provide flowing water to water features like waterfalls, pond fountains or statutory fountains which circulate, aerate and may also filter your pond water.

Types Of Garden Water Pumps

There are various types of pond pumps, divided into two main categories:

Submersible pumps:

This is a better pump for smaller ponds or with water features needing less than 4,000 gallons of water per hour (GPH). These units are entirely installed under water, generally in the pond’s deepest part, and its unobtrusiveness is its significant benefit. Besides, it also runs without much noise as it’s underwater. It doesn’t spoil the pond’s look and is also easy to install as long as its cord length is long enough.

Its disadvantage is that it needs removal from the pond for cleaning and maintenance reasons. They cost more to operate when compared to external fountain pumps, and as some have oil, it may be risky for your fish or plants if there’s an oil leak. It’s also not useful for bigger ponds exceeding 5,000 gallons.

External pond pumps:

External pond pumps are better for large and medium-sized ponds, and as its name suggests, it’s installed outside the water. They can handle large water flows ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 GPH and are cheaper to use.

Its other advantages are that external fountain pumps are easy to maintain, have a longer life as they operate in dry conditions and it’s easy to replace parts as they are not resin-encased like submersible pumps.

However, they are disadvantageous as they take more time and effort to install, are quite noisy in function, have to be covered and are more expensive than submersible pond pumps.

Water fountain pumps are also divided into two, based on the type of drive the pump uses:

Magnetic drive pumps:

Magnetic drive pumps are oil-free and safe to use in ponds with fishes. They instead use an electromagnetic field to power the pump’s impeller. An electric charge generates a magnetic force on the impeller which has a magnet.

The magnet in turn moves, and makes the impeller cycle around. The pumps are thus energy efficient, and though it may be a bit expensive when compared to direct drive models, they make up for the expense with it’s reduced energy consumption.

They are also the quietest of all types of submersible, garden and fountain water pumps and are the easiest to repair.  However, they are not meant to be used with high head water features like fountains as they can’t generate enough force to pump water so high vertically.

Direct drive pumps:

Direct drive pumps are a better choice for powering fountains and waterfalls as they can reach higher heights. They are however cheaper than mag-drive pumps and are self-priming enough to draw water to them.

However, their dependence on only electricity makes this pump a bit more expensive to operate. Some models also contain oil that’s harmful to pond animals and plants if it leaks. The pumps are also generally sealed, making it difficult to maintain and repair the pump.

Pumps For Ponds are Further Divided into:

Air pumps

Air pond pumps do not generate water flow but instead only draw air to the pump and diffuse it into small bubbles. They are perfect for pond winterization as they oxygenate the water and exchange gases without creating any water flow.

Solar powered water fountain pumps

Solar powered garden water pumps are environmentally friendly and cost-effective and work as efficiently as their powered competitors. There’s no need to plug the pump into a power source, and you save money in the long run as it’s powered 100% off grid.

It is perfect to use in remote locations where power sources are a rarity. The better solar water pump for fountains even switches off at night once its solar charge is used up, so there’s no worry about noises at night.

However, all this is possible only if the panel is rightly positioned to get as much direct sunlight as possible. Its low power capacity also makes it a better choice for smaller ponds, but its initial purchase and setup costs are more than mains powered pumps.

And as the pump’s power and operation depend on sunlight, it may lie dormant in some regions during winter months. Not recommended for ponds needing more filtration like Koi ponds as the pump doesn’t work at night.

In-line pumps

These are external pumps located outside the pond. These pumps suck and feed water using the help of a hose running between the outer pump and pond.

Tips For Choosing The Right Pond Pumps

These are the various features to take into consideration while selecting the right water garden pump for your pond.


Safety is an important feature, so make sure you have the right hardware to install and use the pump safely. It should be powered by an outdoor power outlet with a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) connected to it. GFI is commonly seen on bathroom outlets as they break the circuit if and when water comes in contact with an electrical device.

The pump should also be at a suitable distance from the pond. While 6 feet is desirable, a distance of 10 feet is even better as it ensures the outlet doesn’t meet water when you work on the pump or filters.

Water quantity

Garden water pumps are categorized based on the amount of water they can move at a time, which is measured as GPH or gallons per hour. It defines how much water the pump can lift to a specified height in an hour. The approximate height to which the water is carried is called ‘head height,’ and maximum GPH attained is at zero head.

The head height is the average distance the water travels both horizontally and vertically from the pump to the top of the waterfall. While vertical distance is calculated using a ratio of 1:1, the horizontal distance is calculated using a ratio of 10:1.

So if the water fountain pump’s horizontal distance from the waterfall is 40 feet, its head height is 4 feet. And if its vertical reach to the top of the waterfall is 9 feet, it means it has a head height of 9 feet.

So the total head height here is 13 feet. The GPH tends to reduce as the head height increases. This is why waterfall pumps come with flowcharts displaying the GPH at increasing head heights.

Solar pumps are only used to power pond fountains as they are not that powerful. The pump’s power is measured in horsepower, which the manufacturer provides through charts to help you decide which unit is best for your pond.

Above water or submerged

You have to decide if you want to install your pond pump above or in water as both has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Pumps installed above water are easier to maintain and have fewer chances of underwater pollutants like sand and plant matter hampering its performance. However, these units are expensive and noisy.

Submersible pumps are favorites in small ponds where they are placed directly in water and work silently. However, there’s the hassle of pulling them out of the water to repair it and the risk of the pump breaking down without your knowledge. Besides, they are exposed to water contaminants.

There are two types of submersible pumps; pumps that work with magnetic engines which are better than the older ones that run on oil and coolant. This is because any failure in its working can lead to the oil and coolant ending up in water, to interfere with oxygen exchange and end up poisonous to underwater life.

Magnetic drives don’t have this drawback which is why they are a popular choice. They are also simple in design, where there are minimal chances of anything going wrong with the devices.

Size of pond

The pond size is essential in making your pump choice as too small a pump for a pond only leads to poor circulation and stagnant regions in the water. This in turn leads to low oxygen levels, poor water quality, and sludge accumulation.

Calculate the size of the pond by multiplying its length by the width and average depth, with 7.5 to find out how many gallons of water it holds. You can accordingly determine the right sized water garden pump that can circulate that the pond’s volume of water at least once every two hours or every hour if you have more fish in the water.


You are to choose your garden water pump based on its anticipated usage like if you plan to use it for filtration purposes or as a water features pump. If it’s expected to power a waterfall, find out how long, tall and broad the waterfall is. The cascading water here hits the pond surface to generate lots of bubbles and oxygen.

If you plan to use it as a water pump for fountains to create a fountain, it has to pump water through a fountainhead to create a pleasing display. The water fountain pump thus adds substantial oxygen to the pond as all the propelled water falls back down and breaks the pond surface. It’s also possible to use filter pumps to perform both tasks by pushing water up a filter which then returns via a waterfall after filtration.

Presence and type of aquatic life

Make your selection based on the fish or plant life living in your pond. This is important as some pond pumps are not safe for use in ponds with aquatic life. You also have to decide based on the type of fish you will be hoarding in the water. For example, if you have Koi fish in your pond, you need a larger pump with better and maximum filtration abilities to provide for maximum oxygenation that keeps your fish healthy.

Pump Specifications

Your garden water pump choice is best made based on the pump specifications. For example, decide based on the size of hoses the pump needs, it’s cord length and if it has the best pre-filter solution for protecting your pump.

Dynamic head pressure

This is the back pressure the pump faces while forcing water through its pipe to reach your waterfall, filter or stream. Factors affecting it are waterfall height, length, and diameter of the pipe where every 10 feet adds one inch of head dynamic pressure. Even the number of fittings like elbow and ball valves existing in the pipe affects the pressure as every 90° elbow and reducing fitting used adds an inch to the head dynamic pressure.

Width of waterfall

The pump should provide the right flow to give the perfect waterfall look. No point using a small pond pump for a waterfall as it only trickles water over the rocks and will not create a gushing flow of water.

Large garden water pumps are a better choice. You can make your choice by making calculations based on the look you want to achieve and the waterfall width. The general rule of thumb water circulated at the rate of100 GPH per inch of waterfall width creates a trickle, 150 GPH per inch creates a medium flow while 200 GPH per inch provides a steady stream of water for the waterfall.

So measuring your waterfall width in inches and multiplying it with these numbers help decide the power of the pump needed to create the look you want.

Operating costs

Most people don’t keep this in mind while determining the pump’s rates. You will be using pumps 24 hours a day except in winter. So if you have old direct drives, it’s better to buy a new one as the old pump consumes more electricity, and increases your electricity expenses.


It’s apparently better to buy a fountain pump with a more extended warranty as it means the manufacturer backs the product, and that the pump will give you years of dependable service.


The water garden pump should preferably have two filters. One is the prefilter which keeps the pump running smoothly by cleaning the water, without affecting water clarity or your fish health. It needs cleaning when there’s a noticeable drop in the pump’s water flow.

The second primary filter is usually a bio-filter that’s incorporated in a waterfall or stream. It breaks down fish waste to keep the pond safe and water clean. It should be run 24 hours a day if the water is 50 degrees hot as all it takes is a few hours of power disruption to kill the good bacteria in the bio-filter. These filters need an annual cleaning in the late fall or early spring when they have more bacteria.

Some pumps have pressurized filters, ideal for small and medium ponds. They are placed partially underground near the water and efficiently supplies water to the pond. Most filters can be connected to a backflush or drainage hose to backflush the filter for improved efficiency.

UV clarifiers or ultraviolet clarifiers help tackle the problem of green water as algae are too small to get trapped by filters and just pass through the filtration system. The UV clarifier uses UV radiation to clump together microscopic algae which are then trapped in the filter’s pre filter or bio-filter. It also helps kill harmful pathogens in the water.


So it’s proven that water fountain pumps are an essential addition to your water body, be it a pond, stream or aquarium. It keeps the water clean with its filtration system that filters large dirt particles and most also have UV clarifiers that prevent the formation of mold that makes the water green.

And as there are so many kinds and brands of garden water pumps available, you need to make an informed choice while buying one. The buying guide above and the many pond pump reviews below should prove helpful in making the right decision.

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