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Best Vitamins For Natural Hair Growth in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Looking for the best vitamins for hair growth? Smooth, straight and lustrous hair has always been considered trendy because it looks good on any type of face. Straight hair can be styled in various ways or even worn free. However, a number of people do not possess this hair quality. Their hair is characterized by stunted growth, thinning, patchy uneven mass and dull appearance. They, therefore, resort to different methods to get remedy their unkempt curly and wavy hair.

People with this problem, seek hair treatment solutions from various unprofessional sources. However, these perceived solutions provide remedies lasting only for a short time. Further, these solutions have side effects, resulting in hair loss, allergy on the scalp and dry hair.

Top 5 Best Rated Hair Growth Vitamins Reviews

Below are the 5 most popular supplements used for hair growth :

1. Ultrax Labs Hair Rush | Maxx Hair Growth

This is an effective Keratin-based hair growth supplement. It is intended to increase the thickness and growth of your hair by blocking the production of DHT and promotes the growth of hair. Taking 2 capsules daily with meals for a period of 2 months, hair loss issues can be cured. It is packed in a container of dimension 2x2x3.5 inch, weighs 0.3 ounces and has 60 capsules, product is manufactured by a reputable Ultrax Laboratories from the USA.


Nettle Leaf Powder from nettle leaf shows to block DHT, pumpkin seed powder from help promote fast and healthier hair growth, saw palmetto important for inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase which facilitates the secretion of DHT. Once inhibited, DHT is unable to sustain hair loss and Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium all which facilitates the hair follicle growth.


This supplement contains over 23 different vitamins, minerals and herbs essential for stimulating hair growth and increasing circulation for strong hair roots.

2. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth and Supplement Tablets

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth and Supplement Tablets are designed to combat hair loss in both men and women. Viviscal hair vitamins are marketed by Life2good, a US based BBB company since 1997 and there has never been any product complaint against it as of 2nd November 2015. The viviscal extra strength hair nutrient tablets are 100 dietary containing no drugs and has been tested, it is scientifically proven to improve hair thickness and reduce hair loss within a period of less than 6 months. It is packaged in a box measuring 5.7×3.3×1.6 inches and weights 5.6 ounces.


  • Active ingredients target the real causes of hair loss.
  • Supplies nutrients to the hair follicles,
  • Nourishes thinning hair and
  • Injects vitamins, mineral and proteins to the scalp.
  • Support existing hair growth


  • The supplement is dispensed in a box of 180 tablets. The package is brightly colored white and pink with easy-to-open lip.
  • Measures
  • Weighs

3. Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program Dietary Supplement

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program Dietary Supplement is the product intended to nourish hair in four stages within a period of 5 months. Two tablets are to be taken daily each in the morning and evening after meals.  It promotes hair growth, inhibits hair thinning and splitting.Product is packed in a 6x4x5 inch pack, measures 1.3 ounces. Viviscal vitamins is scientifically proven to be high effective.


  • The results often start showing after 3 months
  • It contains 28 extra active nutrients than other supplement, and therefore, extra effective

4. SugarBearHair Vitamins, 60 Count

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins is an ideal hair growth vitamin supplement designed to be chewed.The secret vitamin properties make the hair grow longer and stronger, improving the overall health of the scalp. The sugar bear hair result is increased  strength and elasticity of the hair, it even  stops hair thinning and split ends .The best hair growth vitamin nourishes hair from within giving a lusturous look outside. It is packed in a small dimension of 2.5×2.5×4.8 inches, weighs about 7 ounces and has 60 pieces.


  • Greater nutrition to hair follicles
  • The gums are sweet as they have been flavored by real berry and citrus fruits.
  • The supplements are free from gluten, so suitable for strict vegetarians

5. Phytoworx Hair Growth Supplement

Does PhytoWorx Works? This hair growth stimulant is specially formulated to combat hair loss in both men and women and is made from 100 natural ingredients with no trace of drugs. The product has undergone extensive tests. The users’ experience, reviews scientific test have confirmed that it resuscitates thinning hair and rejuvenates thickness, luster and growth. Significant improvement is noticed after 2 months of usage. When used in conjunction with Phytoworx Organic shampoo, the intended results are achieved even faster. The supplements for hair loss is in a bottle which contains 90 capsules.


  • The hair loss supplement is dispensed in a bottle 90 capsules. The dark colored bottle is intended to protect the contents from harsh UV rays. The label is green in colored green and white. The black cover cap with a child-proof lock keeps the contents from unauthorized access.
  • The phytoworx supplement contains extracts from Gotu Kola, Grape seed and Nettle leaf. Gotu Kola is known for its unique properties which enhance air circulation and nutrients to the scalp. Grape seed protects cells from damages and quickens the growing phase of the hair cycle while nettle leaf is known for its ability to prevent hair breakages and strengthening and thickening the hair roots.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Although hair loss is not a peculiar problem, there are myriads of reasons attributed to this problem. The main cause of hair loss is as a result of the following factors:

Genetic Disorder

There are certain rare disorders leading to the destruction of hair follicles in both men and women. It can occur at any age. This disorder leads to the replacement of the hair follicles by scar tissue which causes permanent hair loss in the area affected. It manifests itself by receding hair along the hairlines, spatially distributed patches in the entire head and at the crown of the head.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes in the body, especially during pregnancy may also lead to hair loss. After giving birth, hair tends to recede due to hormonal changes attributable to child bearing. This is caused by excessive mineral and vitamins demand by the child from her mother, leading to deficiency in the daily dosage of the essential ingredients required for a healthy hair growth.  Other causes for hormonal changes are caused by the consumption of too much vitamin A. Some hormonal changes are caused by slow acting thyroid glands.

Hereditary Factors

There are certain inherited genes which accelerate hair loss in both men and female. In case you are of these genes, chances are that you will lose hair or agents.

Physical Stress

Any kind of physical strain or trauma can trigger hair loss. This causes the hair pulling disorder, where someone involuntarily pulls their hair from the scalp. This is characterized by the disturbance of the natural hair cycle leading to shedding phase.

Lack of Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals can lead to loss of hair. This is especially notable in malnourished children. Lack of certain iron minerals in the body could lead to the onset of anemia, which causes rapid hair loss especially in women.


The hair growth gets stunted after certain ages. Most men over 60 years tend to have hair receding in their temples and crown, leading to baldness. It is caused by the deficiency of male sex hormones and genes.


Certain types of medication such as blood thinners and anti-depressant circumvents blood circulation in the scalp areas, leading to slow growth in hair follicles.

Over Styling

Modern hair styles like tight braids, hair weaves and cornrows results in the hair being pulled from their roots. Further, the application of some hair styling chemicals like the hair relaxers and hot-oil treatment contains harsh chemicals and excessive heat usages which uproot hair from its roots.

Can Vitamins Grow Hair?

Hair loss vitamins play an important role in protecting the skin from direct sun rays, improving blood circulation in the scalp and the development of a healthy skin texture. This provides a conducive environment for the growth of hair follicle. Further, certain vitamins possesses vital ingredients essential in stimulating hair growth. Other hair loss vitamins improve scalp circulation and iron absorption into the blood stream. Working in unison, different vitamins have properties which nourish the hair, stimulate thickness, aid hair follicle development and heavy luster. These vitamins are good for thinning hair growth and thickness of hair.

Numerous studies have proved that hair loss vitamins actually contribute to faster hair growth and mitigate against the factors responsible for hair loss.

What Are The Best Vitamins That Make Your Hair Grow?

Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex  (B3, B5, B7, B12), Vitamin C and Vitamin D all work collectively and individually to boost hair growth.

From improved blood circulation, prevention of hair loss, skin and scalp nourishment, immunity boost, replenishment of dead cell growth, maintenance of better tissues to offering protection against coughs and colds, best vitamins for hair loss play as important role in the growth of hair.

Although Vitamin C and B12 are considered prominent in the stimulation of hair growth, other vitamins also support them greatly in this function. As such, no single vitamin is considered more superior than the rest in promoting hair growth. In fact, as many as twenty vitamins and minerals are required to maintain splendid hair.

Best Supplements For Hair Growth

Fish Oil

Fish oil, commonly known as Omega 3 fatty acids, is beneficial to the scalp since it reduces skin dryness which is responsible for the onset of dandruff and itchy scalp. Fish oil improves the tissues which protect the scalp against the harsh sun rays and sunburn induced skin peels. As a result, they eliminate brown spots, dryness, wrinkles and leathery texture. Since the skin surface is evenly restored, the nourished surface invigorates the hair roots, making the hair grow into shiny and strong strands


Zinc is important if you want to maintain appropriate hair growth. Zinc is known to boost the immunity system, improve metabolism and control the hormonal balance. These are all vital factors which contribute to a healthy skin, protection against the harmful UV rays and improve blood circulation. As such, they contribute to conducive environments for the growth of hair follicles and strong healthy hair. Natural Zinc nutrients can be found in pumpkins, chickpeas, mushrooms, garlic, spinach and yoghurt.

Vitamin C

We are all aware of the benefits derived from the consumption of vitamin C. This vitamin contains properties important for increased immunity levels, safeguard against colds, coughs and flu as well as other diseases. With its antioxidant properties, it has the ability to fight against free radicals. Free radicals have been associated with the destruction of the skin tissues and damages to hair follicles, leading to excessive hair loss, uneven hair growth, as well as dull and bristled hair. By consuming vitamin C, this situation is put under check. Additionally, vitamin C assists the body to secrete adequate amounts of collagen – a protein responsible for a healthy hair, skin and nails.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B comes in eight different variants, aptly attaining the name vitamin B complex. The variants are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Of all these subclasses, vitamin B12 is considered significantly more important than others. It accelerates metabolism in the skin, enabling nutrients to easily reach the skin, hence nourishing the tissues. Further, it replenishes the dead cells in the scalp, paving way for a stronger and healthier hair growth.

This, however, does not mean that the other subclasses of vitamin B are less critical. Vitamin B7 promotes cell growth, while vitamin B3 (Niacin) promotes scalp circulation leading to better hair follicle growth, yet vitamin B5 prevents hair loss.  Since vitamin B is water soluble, care must be taken in consuming them due to the fact that the excess vitamins not required by the body is excreted through urine.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is freely available from moderate exposure to sun rays. This vitamin is the essential vitamins for healthy hair follicle growth. Vitamin D can also be found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. Other sources of this vitamin are eggs, mushrooms and milk.


Iron is important for maintaining healthy hair. It is especially important for ladies who need it to ward off the effects of anemia. Iron is abundantly found in red meat, oysters and spinach.

How To Choose The Good Hair Growth Vitamins

Although sufficient quantities of vitamins are found in a variety of food sources, there are instances where the foods with the right quantities of the desired vitamins are not readily available. Further, there are some medical conditions which restrict the natural secretion of the required vitamins from food. In such situations, food supplements are consumed.

In the selection of the best hair regrowth supplements, certain considerations must be observed.  Here are some of these factors:


You need to check for the right ingredients needed to stimulate hair growth in the supplements. It is essential to note that supplements for hair growth are not intended to replace other food supplements and natural vitamin intake from food. Consider the supplements with the correct ingredients, focusing on hair growth. As a minimum, there are certain ingredients associated with rapid hair growth. As such, your selected supplements should contain Biotin (vitamin B7 and vitamin H), Keratin, niacinamide (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6) and vitamin C as base ingredients.

Side Effect And Medication Advice

Every individual has a unique reason leading to hair loss. Just because your friend is using a certain supplement and it is effective in dealing with his/her hair loss problem does not mean that it will work similarly to stimulate your hair growth. By consulting your nutritionist or physician, an accurate diagnosis of what your hair needs can be made. Hair breakages can be due to one of several factors mentioned under factors causing hair loss chapter above. It is only through a medical consultation that the real causes can be identified. Once the real reason for hair loss has been pinpointed, correct prescription to boost hair growth can be dispensed. Consulting physician is also important since they can detect any potential side effect of the prescribed medication. As a precaution, a pilot medication has been prescribed for a few days during which time its effects are evaluated. If there is no side effect, then the patient is put into the full treatment regimen.

Quality, Reputation & Performance:

There are many hair growth products all claiming to solve hair loss. It is vital to do some research and evaluate comments made by previous users regarding the effectiveness of the supplements. Ensure that the products are accredited by the local dermatological boards and have been clinically proven to work.  Further, the manufacturer must be of high reputation and has been long in the market to determine their track records.

Treatment Plan:

Each hair growth supplement has its application instructions. Some are taken for a short duration while others are consumed for an extended duration, yet some may be applied topically and others swallowed orally.  Further, they vary in time of consumption; with are taken before meals, others after meals, either in the morning or in the evening. Each of these plans may impact on your daily routine and you need to give them a careful thought before you settle for the best solution convenient to your routine.


People consider natural hair loss remedies for most medical conditions relevant and hair loss is no exception. There are numerous natural hair restoration methods which can complement supplements for hair loss. These include the application of mash bananas on scalp. Bananas contain potassium and other vitamins which can revitalize hair growth. Another natural hair growth remedy is the hot oil treatment. Here, warm vegetable oil is smeared onto the scalp and left for a few minutes for a period of a week or so, to instigate stronger and fuller hair growth. It is, therefore, prudent to consider whether the hair growing supplements are compatible with other natural hair remedies.

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Scientific Testing Of Best Hair Loss Supplements

Before using a supplement, it is reasonable to confirm that the products are scientifically tested to confirm its efficacy. Testing is important because it will provide unbiased reasons which can be peer reviewed and independently verified.

Most supplements contain certain ingredients considered paramount to attain their desired outcome. As such, supplements intended for hair growth must contain specific ingredients. Scientific testing can be done to confirm its theses ingredients are available in the supplements. Further, it will confirm the correct quantities and potency of such ingredients.

AS such look for a mark of clinically proven and endorsement of s medical board in the package is such a supplement. Of course, supplements made in the US have to undergo some form of testing by FDA. Therefore, any supplement product with this FDA-approved seal is considered effective, safe and authentic.

Scientific testing is able to confirm certain vital parameters of a supplement. By undergoing scientific tests, the supplement’s base or core ingredeints are determined, the purity of the ingredients are also analyzed and confirmed. Further, the potency of the products (which is due to effective ingredient) can also be tested. When a product claimed to increase hair growth by 20 within a period of one month, an independent team of specialists can do a trail to establish if this criteria is met by the product or not. Further the outcome of the tests can be published and verified by the FDA, federal regulatory bodies and customer advocacy groups.


The details provided herein are very important in informing customers on the available method of treating hair loss. Starting with the causes of hair loss, vitamins application in the process of restoration of hair growth, the types of vitamins to grow hair which are highly effective in the prevention of hair loss, the intervention of hair growth supplements, factors to be considered when shopping for the right supplements. A detailed assessment of five widely used hair growth supplements including their properties, active ingredients, side effects, pricing, availability and benefits has been discussed. Further, unbiased reviewed from the previous and current users of the products have been stated to assist you make informed choices as to why and how you are going to apply the hair growth supplements. If you are not interested in eating supplements, you can also choose organic hair growth shampoo to grow your hair.

From the write-up, it can be concluded that you should not allow hair loss embarrass you, lower your self-esteem and stagnate your social and professional life, there are many solutions out there which have been tried and tested. By reading the above hair growth vitamins reviews, you can easily find out where to buy the hair loss vitamins.

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