Best Tennis Shoes 2024 Reviews – Top Picks & In Depth Results

Tennis is a popular sports and it requires a lot of movement, and choosing the Best Tennis Shoes can make you perform better at your optimum rate. However, there is a lot of things to consider when shopping for the shoes and here are the tennis shoes reviews:

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes Reviews

Let dig into deeper and find the most comfortable tennis shoes in this year.

1. adidas Men’s Barricade Team 3 Tennis Shoes – Perfect Tennis Shoes For Easy Maintenance

Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3 Tennis Shoe comes with different options in colors. The shoe is made of mesh that facilitates ventilation to keep a player’s feet dry all the time. Synthetic used in the upper part of the shoe makes it light in weight. The product dimension is 4.8” X 8.8” X 12.9” and the weight of the shoe is comfortable. The middle part of the shoe is created to reduce shock by absorbing it. The outsole of the shoe offers good traction and durability. It is available in some of the striking colors such as Solar Blue, Night Silver and Metallic Silver, to name a few.


Upper: The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic and mesh used in its making is what helps in keeping your feet dry and free from odor on a regular basis. This ideal tennis shoes are easy to be maintained as dirt and dust can be removed without any hassles from the outer part using a clean cloth. The combination of synthetic and mesh facilitates good support and comfortable fit. It features textile lining and Adiprene at the front of the shoe that helps a player in taking forward movement with more efficiency. The user will be pleased with this kind of a shoe because it requires easy cleaning and maintenance.

Midsole: The stability of the shoe’s midsole is further enhanced by “Torsion System”. It helps in keeping the feet firm. There is the “Adiprene” that reduces shock by absorbing it, the “Adiprene+” is extended at the bottom of the shoe towards the front part and supports propulsion of the forefoot.

Outsole: The outsole of the tennis offers a great traction owing to the “Adiwear 6” which is featured in the shoe. This “Adiwear 6” also makes the shoe durable and perfect to be used on the surface of all kinds. The outer sole works great and helps a player in taking swings during the game.

Cushioning: Premium cushioning is ensured by the “Adiprene” that is under the heel of the shoes. The cushioning helps in taking rotational movements without any difficulty. It also helps in reducing the shock that often creeps in while walking on uneven surfaces. Though cushioning seems to make shoes fit tight, but in reality it offers comfortable fitting.


  • Advanced technology used in creating the shoe makes it a preferred choice for the players.
  • The shoe is a good value for money as it is durable and helps the player in making movements in various directions.
  • Striking colors used for the shoes make it attractive.
  • Perfect midsole & cushioning system makes this shoe one of the best from adidas tennis shoes.
  • The shoe can be easily maintained and cleaned because of the synthetic material used in the shoe.

2. ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe -Ideal Tennis Shoes For Professional Players

ASICS Men’s GEL resolution Tennis gears comes with different options in colors. These colors are contrasting and striking and make the shoes more attractive. The product dimension is 4” X 8” X 12”and it has an external heel. These are one of the men’s tennis shoes by Asics. This shoes is designed to play a tough round of game. The use of synthetic in the manufacturing of the shoes makes it light in weight. This feature of the right tennis shoes keeps off fatigue. The user’s toe will be comfortable inside the shoes as it carries adequate space at the front part.  The soles enable a player to slide around, drag feet and support faster movements.


Upper: The upper part of the shoes offers great look and firm fitting. The Flexion Fit on the upper part provides good fitting and extra support for players who tend to drag their toes. The durability of the toe pack is quite impressive. It has P-Guard toe protector for extra durability at the front part of the shoes. This P-Guard provides support and assists toe draggers take faster movements. There is enough space inside the front part of the shoes which provides a comfortable fitting for your toes. The upper part of the shoes can be easily made dust free by wiping with a clean cloth.

Midsole: The Flexion Fit design in the midsole ensures high stability and utmost comfort. FluidRide is featured in the midsole of the shoes that provides extra comfort under the foot. It is the midsole of the shoes that provides maximum support and stability. The Solyte feature affixed in the midsole performs the task of absorbing shock.

Outsole: The outsole is made of rubber that makes it comfortable to be used on any kind of court surface. So, this shoes can be used on any kind of tennis court. The rubber sole on the outer part is affixed in such a way that it offers maximum durability and fine traction.

Cushioning: The cushioning of the shoes moulds itself according to the size of a player’s feet to hold up a player while taking swings. Signature GEL technology offers comfortable cushioning on every single step. The cushioning keeps the firmness of the shoes and prevents the twisting of the shoes and the feet.  This feature makes it the preferred choice of advanced players.


  • These shoes are prepared for professional players.
  • The new support system in the middle part of the shoes prevents twisting of the feet.
  • It has the advantage of delivering an all-round performance.
  • The toe part of the shoes is even more durable and helps players to take quicker movements while dragging their toes.

3. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Shoes – Tennis Shoes With Adaptive Fit Technology

Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis gear comes in striking colors. Contrasting colors used in the shoes is sure to attract the attention of the people when a player is on the tennis court. These shoes are made to offer the user’s feet proper ventilation and keep it free from odor. The sole is made of rubber which implies that it is durable. A player can take leaps in various directions because of the foot frame which is thoughtfully designed. The shoes light weight enables a player to take swift movements. The cushioning under the heels minimizes shock.


Upper: The outer layers on the upper part of the shoes are done using synthetic to keep the foot firm and flexible according to the size of the feet to keep it in place. Synthetic also make the upper part of the shoes durable and easy to be maintained. The “Adaptive Fit” used in the making of the shoes offers an extra comfortable fit. It is owing to this particular feature that the tennis footgear can well adapt to the movement of a player’s feet. This version has a flawless upper part that makes it stronger and durable. Needless to say, the user will not get fatigued as the shoes is lighter and comfortable.

Midsole: The durability of the shoes is further enhanced by the features in the midsole of the shoes. The midsoles are tailored to give a firm fit to the user’s feet. Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tennis Tour is a model that has further improved the shoe’s midsole to make it lighter.

Outsole: Flex grooves that is featured in the outsole maximizes motion during a demanding round of game. It helps a player take leaps in various directions. A player can perform the best with a shoes like this that facilitates taking leaps to strike the balls. ‘Flex grooves’, as the name suggests increases the flexibility while a player takes rotational jumps.

Cushioning: Nike Zoom unit under the heel ensures better cushioning. This cushioning absorbs shock which is an advantage for players while taking leaps. Cushioning also provides comfort around the ankles. The cushions are highly responsive when a player takes a leap. This responsive cushion keeps off knee injuries which is an advantage for an athlete.


  • The shoes are light in weight and as such there is no chance of ankle, toe or back pain.
  • The mesh technology used in the shoes keeps the player’s feet dry all the time in addition to keeping them free from odor.
  • It assists players in taking swings.

4. New Balance Men’s MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoes

New Balance Men’s Light Weight Tennis Shoes has a long durability and a combination of contrasting colors. It is one of the finest shoes of its kind; the quality of the shoes is further increased because of the continuous researches made to improve it. These shoes are designed to take an athlete closer to his/her goal. It is not designed to fit in the feet of any mannequin, but to offer best fitting and utmost comfort to athlete’s feet. The product dimensions are 4” X 8” X 12”. This shoes maintains proper balance and has the advantage of being light in weight.


Upper: The upper part of the shoes is made of synthetic that keeps it light in weight and helps a player take leaps comfortably. The shoes features proper ventilation facility that keeps a player’s feet dry all the time. The well-ventilated shoes do not let players get fatigued. Athletes are kept ready to play for a longer duration and deliver the best performance. New Balance is driven in the shoes after a good research to offer comfortable fit and perfect balance. The tongue of the shoes is padded and the upper layer is made of mesh. The heel collar of the shoes makes it even more stunning.

Midsole: Midsole are a layer that is made to absorb shock and keep a player’s feet protected from injuries. The middle part has a “die-cut” insole for extra comfort, the ABSORB foam in the middle part of the shoe soffers a firm fit. The EVA in the midsole makes the shoes light in weight.

Outsole: The outsole of the shoes has slanted parallel lines that offer the best traction. The “Herringbone” outsole provides the necessary traction to perform the best in tennis courts. The “Endurance” material used in the manufacturing of the shoes makes it more durable. This feature makes the shoes last longer when used on any surface.

Cushioning: The cushioning of the shoes offers great support. The user’s feet will adjust well inside the shoes and feel the comfort. It is a good tennis shoes for beginners and professional players who like to play comfortable game in courts. The ABZORB technology guarantees a premium combination of cushioning and responsiveness.


  • It helps in maintaining a perfect balance. Players find it comfortable as it is light in weight.
  • Keeps the feet cool and dry as it is well-ventilated
  • The looks of this model is elegant and is admired by players.
  • This shoes is the preferred choice of athletes as it takes them closer to their goals.

5. Babolat Men’s Propulse All Court Shoe – Top Quality All Court Tennis Shoes

Babolat Propulse Bpm All Court Men’s Shoes is made of unique features and advanced technology to help a player deliver best every time. With these shoes a player will always find his/ her feet cool. It is well-ventilated and is good to be used in summer seasons. Advanced technologies like S Shield, Pro Shield and Soft Shield utilizes materials of premium quality to offer maximum durability. The Bpm Babolat Pure Motion System focuses on the frame of forefoot. The durability, traction and comfort provided by the shoes are great. The well-designed cushioning of the shoes is sure to keep players highly energetic.


Upper: Breathability and ventilation of the shoes is supported by Cell shield Technology. Players will feel the freshness and stay prepared for a demanding round of game. These shoes are known to keep player’s feet comfortable even if a player puts on two socks for a better fit. The “Propulse Bpm” keeps athlete’s feet comfortable during hot weather when the mercury soars high. The shoes does not get heated too much due to then fine ventilation. The customers described the upper part of the shoes to be too soft and supple. Upper part is made to keep the toe in position while moving.

Midsole: The midsole of the shoes offer great fitting and comfort. It combines with side support system that propels player’s foot forward on every step. The cushioning in the heels extends to the middle part of the shoes and provides additional support and protection against harsh landings. The reinforcement in the midsole makes the shoes more durable.

Outsole: The Michelin outsole offers greater durability and support. It enables players to increase their foot work. The support provided by the outsole helps players play with great interest in their natural rhythm of movements. Babolat Pure Motion (BPM) has innovative features that offer strong support to a player to sustain a player’s interest.

Cushioning: The cushioning of the shoes is soft. The “Propulse Bpm” offer cushioning that is more comfortable and enjoyable for a player. It will definitely make a player feel fresh and energetic and also keep off knee injuries. It offers maximum stability that is required to take perfect rotations and leaps.


  • It is ventilated to keep player’s feet dry and free from odor all the time.
  • Its “Pure Motion System” fits the motion of a player’s body and attunes itself to the player’s rhythm of movements.
  • Advanced technologies are used in the shoes that make it the preferred choice for players.

How To Choose The Top Ranked Tennis Shoes?

Before choosing the tennis shoes than we need to consider some factors, here we go….

Factors To Be Considered While Choosing The Professional Tennis Shoes

There are many factors that influence the user while choosing the best tennis shoes. Some of the factors that affect the decision are traction offered by the shoes, frequency of the game, durability, cushioning, comfort and ventilation.

Consider The Players Type Of Feet

There are different kinds of players in tennis when it comes to their type of feet. Three types are being the Overpronated, Neutral, and Supinated.

Overpronated Feet:

Players with overpronated feet carry the weight of the whole body in the inside part of the foot. A big population of athletes, up to 60 has pronated feet and are encouraged to wear tennis shoes that have extra padding on the sole to support the inside of the foot.

Supinated Feet:

Players with supinated feet carry the weight of the body on the outside of the foot and tend to wear out shoes faster than people with pronated feet. They need to choose the top leading tennis shoes with lateral and ankle support and those that have high-quality soles.

Neutral Feet:

Players with neutral feet can distribute their weight all throughout the feet and may wear any shoes as long as it provides the right support, and they are comfortable with it.

Consider The Type Of Tennis Court Surface

There are different kinds of tennis courts like synthetic, clay, concrete and grass, and your feet receive different kinds of impact on each surface. Below are the different kinds of tennis courts:

Synthetic Courts:

Indoor tennis facilities most commonly use carpet surfaces, such as suspended surface, which has shock-absorbing qualities. Ball has a medium speed while playing on this type of court.

Clay Courts:

Clay courts are very soft and absorb impact, however, do not give out excellent traction. Any shoes is great for clay courts so as long as it has a stride.

Grass Courts:

Grass courts are very uneven and have minimal traction, but grass absorbs impact real good. The ultimate grip tennis shoes for grass courts are those with lateral and ankle support because the lack of traction could easily cause injuries in those areas.

Concrete Courts:

Concrete courts are hard and do not absorb impact but has high traction thus it could be hard on the joints and feet so some extra padding would help.

Consider The Style Of Playing Tennis With Different Tennis Shoes

There are two kinds of play when it comes to tennis. There are the serve and volley and then baseline.

Baseline Players

A baseline player is someone who stays at the back of the court and moves from side to side a lot Thus, and there is an increased need for lateral support.

Serve & Volley Player:

A serve and volley player stays in the middle of the court and charges the net and is using his toes and heels for playing thus, shoes with a good toe cap, and a durable sole is most ideal.

These things you need to consider the most when it comes to shopping for the best shoes for tennis. But of course, to make this task easier for you here is the top 5 list of our best shoes for tennis.

Benefits Of Choosing The Top Foremost Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are made of premium quality materials to offer maximum comfort to the user. These shoes are thoughtfully designed to help a player take rotational movements and leaps to strike the ball. Superior traction is offered by the right type of tennis shoes that help a player maintain the balance and avoid the risk of getting injuries. Tennis shoes are known to keep the feet of a player cool all the time. These shoes are the preferred choice of professional players. These shoes have advanced technology that is sure to have an effect on the performance of a player. These shoes can be used on any kind of surface which is an advantage for players. The premium quality material used in the shoes make it lightweight and comfortable. Good tennis shoes can be used even during hot summer season due to the well-developed ventilation that offers breathability to the shoes.

Advantages Of Good Tennis Shoes


Tennis shoes can help a player deliver the best performance. Tennis shoes can have an impact on your game. Perfect tennis shoes improve a player’s performance by keeping the player highly energetic. The most comfortable tennis shoes don’t allow a player to get tired. Tennis shoes are durable and the material used in the shoes prevents twisting of shoes and feet. The outsole of the shoes help the players take rotational movements.

Easy to Move:

Tennis shoes help player take rotational movements. The sole of the shoes are responsive, it provides a good support for players who have a natural tendency to drag their feet. The shoes mold itself according to the size of a player’s feet to hold it firmly and assist the player in making movements in various directions.

Cushioning Offer Shock Absorption:

The cushioning of the shoes absorbs shock. This shock absorbing capacity of the shoes makes it a preferred choice of the advanced players and beginners. The cushions are highly responsive and keep off knee injuries when a player jumps.

Matchless Traction:

Traction is one of the most important features of a tennis shoes. It reduces the chances of slipping after a leap or movement. Best tennis shoes like ACIS Men’s GEL Resolution 6 Tennis Shoes, Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Tennis Shoes provide the best traction. Due to this traction these tennis shoes can be used on any kind of surface.

Excellent Ventilation:

Tennis shoes are designed to keep a player’s feet dry all the time. The supreme ventilation keeps athlete’s feet free from odor for a longer duration. Due to this feature, a shoes can be used even the temperature rises high. It makes the player feel fresh throughout the game.


Overall, these shoes give the best support and traction for tennis players. One thing that good quality tennis shoes have in common is that they are super comfortable because tennis requires very fast feet movement. It is very important to invest in great shoes for tennis to make sure that you stay safe while on the court. There are hundreds of designs for women’s tennis shoes in the market, so you can look fabulous on the tennis court.

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