Best Men’s Golf Pants Reviews 2022 (Top Picks With Comparison)

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Unlike many formal situations, golf does not have an exact dress code or uniform like in other sports. A specific style of clothing is a better phrase to use when we are talking about golf attire, and the best golf pants immediately strike you as something that people do not give enough attention to. The shirts are always at the top of the list, but pants, we often use whatever we can find.

If you are a pro golfer, chances are, you already have a good pair of pants you use for golf. However, there is a variety of options out there that we can agree might work just as well. Having played some of my best games in golf-specific clothing, it is time to show you some of the best pants that you can find for any game of golf.

Reviews of Top 8 Best Golf Pants for Men

Golf pants are not that different from anything else you are likely wearing. However, there are a few features that I like to look at when choosing my favorite pants. Before I look at a few of these and show them to you, I have decided to show you some of the pants that have helped me on the course. I won’t say they have made me better, but definitely made me look more stylish:

1. Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Pant

To top off the list, we have a brand like Adidas. It is hard to compare to what they have done in the sports industry, and the Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Pants is designed for men with a slimmer build and figure. 

I like the minimalist design of the flat front, allowing for a full range of motion, but still, the gentle touch that makes you look like a gentleman.

The Pure Motion Stretch Technology is not that hard to come by when you love the Adidas brand, but it helps when extending your motion. It can help players have more fluid of a motion and control their swing.

At the back, you have 2 pockets, accompanied by 2 more at the back. The pants are backed up by the Adidas 3-stripes branding as well, generally making you look like more of a golfer. My life has been much simpler with the 100% polyester construction that allows me to put them in the washing machine.

Being a top brand like Adidas, they are a fair bit expensive, but once you start playing with them, you will feel the difference in technology. Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, these pants can work for you.


  • The Pure Motion Stretch Technology allows for a full range of swing
  • A total of 4 pockets are enough for storing all valuables
  • The 100% Polyester construction makes them machine washable
  • A flat-front design is a little more comfortable for the slimmer man


  • The fit is a little too snug around the crotch area for larger golfers

2. Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants

I have been playing golf for a couple of years now and Under Armour is not a brand that I find really often. Since they are not a prominent player in the golf world, I had to give them a try. The Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants have more of a loose fit. It is made from nylon, polyester, and Elastane, still making them machine washable.

The combination of nylon is perfect for those who profusely sweat. Moisture-wicking technology will keep you dry at all times when you have to walk long distances. A waistband that stretches means I did not have to care for wearing a belt, which also offered me more comfort when teeing off.

We still have the 4 pockets, with 1 on each of the sides and two at the back that could be good for holding many of your valuables. While the pants are available in a wide array of different colors, the white is not ideal. Once you start to sweat, it might become a little “see-through”.

In terms of the price, we though Adidas was an expensive brand, but Under Armour is topping off the chart now. However, none of this will be for nothing as the brand does have a reputation for quality products. These pants are recommended very highly.


  • Elastane is integrated into the waistband for a comfortable fit without a belt
  • The Nylon will wick away the moisture from sweat to keep you dry
  • It has a loose fit, making it comfortable for larger athletes
  • UA has a wide arrange of colors, including the short pants


  • The white pants don’t mix well with sweat and might become see-through

3. IZOD Men’s Golf Microsanded Flat Front Classic Fit Pant

If you need something a little more affordable, you can try the IZOD Men’s Golf Microsanded Pants. These pants are really similar to the Adidas pants and they have been designed from 100% pure polyester. As I have mentioned, it allows the user to throw them in the washing machine after every game.

While I did not really try them in profoundly hot conditions, the brand does claim that it has sun-control technology. This can help to keep from experiencing too much heat burn at up to 50-degrees. Welt pockets at the back offer storage space, but your side pockets have a zipper to keep everything safe in your pockets.

Once you start wearing them and you have the right fit, you should not have any issues. However, the fit is one of the only issues. Many people have complained about the fit being either too large or too small and leading to inconsistencies. You might need to be careful when checking the sizing chart.

Fortunately, they are quite affordable and the technology can rival some of the more lucrative brands on the list. If you are a beginner and you need a new set of pants to get you going without breaking the bank, these will get you started.


  • The pants have sun control of up to UPF 50
  • A zipper in the side pockets can keep valuables from falling out
  • The 100% polyester construction allows to wash them in a washing machine
  • Numerous colors are available for users who have a specific style
  • Beginners should be happy that the price is affordable


  • The sizing seems a little off and you need to make sure about the chart

4. Nike Men’s Flat Front Pant

The brand Nike has been synonymous with the sport of Golf almost since the onset. Not only are they one of the best club designers, but the clothing is also on par. The Nike Men’s Flat Front Pants have a polyester and Spandex construction with a flat front style for comfort and to improve your range of motion.

Playing with the pants have made me feel really comfortable and part of the club scene. Not only do they stretch to my needs as a larger player, but they do not hinder my swing in any way. The Nike logo adds some class and makes you look more professional.

They are available in a wide array of different color schemes that will meet the needs of almost any player. Unfortunately, they can be a little pricey for beginner’s, but the durability means you won’t need to consider buying new pants any time soon.


  • Spandex around the pants improves the flexibility
  • There are a variety of colors anyone can choose from
  • They are designed for larger and smaller athletes
  • If you are done playing, you can wash them in the washing machine


  • These pants are a little expensive

5. Puma Golf 2017 Men’s Tailored Tech Pant

The Puma Golf 2017 Men’s Tailored Tech Pants are slightly older on the market today, but they still have some of the special features that one needs. Why I have selected them is due to the amount of technology that has been included to make them.

Not only have the been constructed from 100% polyester, but the DryCELL technology happens to be beneficial to players that sweat a lot. A mechanical stretch design also allows more comfort when you have a wider swing and could help with powerful shots on the Par 5.

They have a high price, but the fit has been tailored and once you find the size you desire, you won’t need to worry about anything not being as you wish. The pants can be found in shocking colors and neutral colors depending on the type of game you are playing. They also show a lot of promise in durability for long-term use.


  • The durability is high with players using them for more than 2-years
  • Having DryCELL technology is beneficial when you sweat a lot
  • If you are done, they can be washed in the washing machine
  • The tailored fit will enhance the overall feeling of comfort


  • I did find them to be a little bit of tight and slim fit (Recommended for a slim figure)

6. Oakley Men’s 2.5 Take Pants

If you are into the whole golfing scene, you might remember seeing some of the newer players play with Oakley. The brand has been around the block a couple of times and the Oakley Men’s 2.5 Take Pants is definitely one of their top designs.

Nylon forms the base of the pants with Spandex being integrated around the waist and other areas. However, the O-Hydrolix technology will work with the nylon to wick away most of the moisture from sweat. Not only will it wick away the moisture, but they seem to dry out much faster than normal pants when machine washed.

My swing often requires me to have more of a wide base and this is why I think the O-Stretch technology can closely match some of the other brands. It allows you to stretch out farther than normal pants to get more of a motion range. The price should not bog you down either, as Oakley is trying to get into the golfing market more rapidly.


  • Having O-Stretch Technology has helped my swing range of motion
  • The moisture wicking keeps you dry and gets rid of most sweat
  • A tailor-like fit is comfortable without breaking the bank
  • Oakley has made them in all the neutral golfing colors you might like


  • The colors seem to fade if they are washed too often over time

7. Palm Springs Golf Men’s Dryfit Flat Front Pant

Palm Springs is one of the most decorated golfing locations in the USA. Many of you probably know it, but this brand is also designing some great clothing for newer golfers. The Palm Springs Golf Men’s Dryfit Flat Front Pants is one attire I got my hands on with a lot of expectation, and the Polyester/Spandex combination did work wonders.

Not only does it dry out quickly with the DryFit technology, but the Spandex gives you comfort when moving. It might be more of a slim fit, but they will stretch out as you need them to when you are on the course. I also found the style to be a little more modern than many of the others, ideal to make youth players interested.

As I have mentioned, it is a relatively new brand and they are catering to some of the newcomers to the game. The modern design is really affordable and will wick away most of your moisture-related issues. Much like the others, they can be popped in the washing machine once done.


  • The pants are really affordable for newcomers
  • Spandex helps expand the waist for a wider range in your swing
  • DryFit technology is perfect for wicking away most of the moisture
  • These pants do hold up and the color does not wash out


  • You won’t have a large selection of colors to choose from

8. Callaway Mens Golf Performance Flat Front Tech Pant

We are ending off this list with a bang and nothing is better than a brand that is well known among the golfing community. The Callaway Men’s Golf Performance Flat Front Tech Pants are packed full of technology, making you feel almost like a professional by simply wearing it.

Opt-Dri Technology is the same as many of the other moisture wicking features and will aid the body in getting rid of sweat and moisture. Additionally, the Opti-Shield will help protect you from the sun to keep you dry. The combination of these two will ensure you stay dry and not get too exuberant on the course.

With things like Opti-Stretch also integrated, it is worth noting that they are slightly expensive from the others. These pants are not what you will be buying as a casual golfer, but much rather when your handicap is under 12.


  • Multiple High-Tech features to keep you dry and protected from the sun
  • Opti-Stretch enables you to have a full range of playing motion
  • The waistband is fully expandable for a tailor-made finish
  • I like the colors that all look stylish and professional


  • There are no real cons that we can mention aside from it being expensive

Key Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Golf Pants

If you still have not found the right golf pants, or you are wondering how we selected these 8 options, you are in luck. To help you find the top golf pants, this buyer’s guide will show you some of the most important features to look at:


The most important factor to consider is the comfort factor. If you are comfortable in the pants, you will have a much better chance of focusing on your game. Nothing is more frustrating for me than constantly having to pull up my pants or readjust them.

 You should look at the fabrics for this. Things like polyester and nylon are commonly the main fabrics used in the design. They are often combined with either Elastane or Spandex to make the pants stretch a bit more.

Moisture Wicking Technology:

Each brand has there own name for it, but moisture wicking technology plays a massive part in a comfortable fit. If you are going to be in the sun all day long, you will be sweating. Having some sort of moisture wicking will help to absorb most of this moisture to keep you dry.

Style And Colors:

The style and colors cannot trump the other two features, but you need something that will match the rest of your golfing attire. White is one of the best colors for most golfers, with the ability to match almost any shirt and shoes.

Additionally, you need to take your figure into account and buy something that works with you. It will be counterintuitive to buy slim pants when you have a larger frame. For a larger player, loose-fit might do you wonders to help with an extended range of motion.


Nothing screams professional more than having a professional brand on the side of your pants. These brands can be a little more expensive than the beginner’s pants you buy at your local store, but you look more professional on the course. Here are a couple of the top brands that you might consider looking into:


It is one of the older brands, but well-known all over the golfing industry


Callaway is mostly known for their golfing equipment, but they have decent attire as well


Adidas is not only a golfing brand, but considered by many to be one of the best sport’s brands in the world today.


Oakley started out as a brand for glasses, but they have broken into the golfing attire scene and is now a serious competitor.

Under Armour:

The relatively new Under Armour brand is much like Adidas, focusing on all types of sports around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Buying a new pair of golf pants is definitely not that hard. However, there a few things that I have noticed many people were still wondering about. I hope that I can answer some of the many questions that you might have:

Are Golf Pants Machine Washable?

All of the golf pants we have selected can certainly be washed with your washing machine. However, there are a couple that might need to be washed by hand. It is important to check the label to ensure you can.

How Should I Know The Right Fit?

The fit is one of the most complicated aspects that many people struggle with. While the fit might be indicated, you need to ensure you check the sizing chart accurately to see your fit. Some brands also have a reputation for larger and slimmer fits.

Can I Play Golf With Any Pants?

Unlike golf shoes, there are no regulations or specific attire requirements and regulations. However, we all want to fit in and look professional. You might be able to play with any pants, but having golf-specific pants can give you more benefits and versatility as you are playing.

Can I Play Golf With Short Pants?

Yes, there are many brands that have golf pants specifically designed for the warmer climates. While they might not have the professional look at a long set of pants, they will still be made by some of the best brands with all the features.


Having done all this research, I hope that you can now find the exact golf pants that you have been looking for. Most of these have been highly rated and I have tested them to make sure they will work for most players. The brand is also sought-after and recognized as part of the golfing industry.

Let us know what you think in the comment section and if we might have missed any of the golf pants that you like.

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