Best Bed Frame For Sexually Active Couple Reviews In 2022

A standard bed is basically everyone’s sleeping partner to get that much-needed rest and sleep throughout the night. However, for couples the bed isn’t just a piece of furniture to lie down, rest or sleep. The bed performs an integral part of their intimate moments, particularly during sexual intercourse. And for this reason, a bed with a sturdier frame is deemed to be a basic necessity in every couple’s bedroom to ensure they reach the peak of sexual satisfaction.

So, how to find the best bed frame for sexually active couple? If you want to surprise your partner or spouse with a new bed, I have specifically rounded up the top-performing bed frames sold in the market. Check each brand mentioned below and learn more about the type of bed frame designed to match each couple’s intense sexual activities.

10 Best Rate Bed Frame For Sex Reviews

1. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The brand name Zinus has been widely recognized for the production of budget-friendly bedding essentials such as beds and mattresses. And for that, their products have been included on Amazon’s top seller charts for beds including frames. Let’s take a look at the Zinus popular bed frame, the Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation.

First impression on the Zinus is that Shawn is remarkably lightweight. The framework of this bed frame is pure steel. The layout shows quality grillwork, which provides a solid foundation for the bed.

Is it easy to assemble? Anyone can quickly set up this bed frame in a snap. In fact, you won’t even need tools during the assembly. Plus, it doesn’t require installation of a box spring because it can accommodate any type of bed mattress. The entire assembly will only take approximately ten minutes and be ready for a test drive after the placement of the mattress.

Does it occupy too much space? The design of this bed frame is foldable. Couples living in tight spaces can easily fold and store it at one corner during the day to have freedom of movement. Then, snap it back at night to function as a regular bed.

How stable is the bed frame? This bed frame has strong edge reinforcement and tested to be extremely durable while couples perform active sexual intimacies. Zinus brand has generated around 30,000 reviews from satisfied buyers to perform at its best during their active sexual intimacies. The bed frame load capacity is concentrated for individuals with average weight.

Color options for the bed frame are shades of black and beige. These colors can match any bedroom décor or existing furniture. How about the warranty? Yes, this product comes with 5-year limited warranty coverage. I must say this is fairly a good deal for its price and astounding performance in the market.


  • The product is built and designed with quick assembly, can be snapped into a bed frame in ten minutes and foldable when not in use
  • The manufacturer sells this bed frame with 5-year limited warranty coverage
  • The bed frame feet are covered with plastic caps, protecting floor surfaces like hardwood flooring


  • Limitation on choices of colors, the product is only available in black or beige

2. AmazonBasics Foldable, Metal Platform Bed Frame

Another brand of bed frame that will fit any couple’s tight living accommodation is the AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame. This bed frame has a foldable structure, designed to solve the problem of lack of space. Now, let’s move forward to its other features.

This brand of bed frame aesthetic appearance is generally universal. It can match any home décor or interior. You can place this bed frame in any master bedroom or spare room intended for guests. And, since it can be folded in a few minutes, the bed frame can be stored when not needed, allowing more space for movement.

Is the structure sturdy enough for active sexual intimacies? Yes, the bed frame has steel base construction with metal slats closely attached. So, couples need not worry about creating noise during their sexual intercourse.

How about the assembly requirement? This product has hassle-free assembly instructions. Its foldable design allows users to quickly assemble it without the need for tools. Is it covered with a warranty? Yes, the AmazonBasics Metal Platform Bed Frame is sold with a one-year warranty. That’s a reasonable bonus for its quality and performance.

As for color selection, this product is only available in a black finish, which I think is workable in any home. Why? Black shade can perfectly blend in any interior or furniture piece regardless you are aiming for a modern or classic look.


  • The bed frame is sold via Amazon with 1-year limited warranty
  • The construction of this bed frame provides a durable and noise-free bed for sexually active couples
  • Assembly instruction of this product is readable and can be followed by any novice paying customer with no need for special tools


  • The bed frame load capacity limit is only for sleepers weighing 250 pounds, not suitable for overweight customers

3. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

The next brand I’m going to reveal will definitely match heavyweight couples that are sexually active. This bed frame is designed to provide maximum support for couples that are more adventurous in their physical intimacies. It has heavy-duty steel construction, tested for lasting performance. Since it’s made from quality steel material, the bed frame can accommodate any type of mattress (memory foam mattress, latex mattress including hybrid mattresses with spring).

Does it have unique features? Yes, this bed frame boasts of having the noise-free and anti-slip feature. Couples can enjoy every intimate moment without fear of creating too much noise or having the mattress fall off the edge of the bed frame. In fact, couples can freely roll over to whatever position while sleeping or doing sexual activities.

The assembly requirement of this bed frame is quite manageable. The instruction is provided together with the tools needed for assembly. If you prefer installing a headboard, it’s workable because the bed frame design has compatibility with any type of headboard.

Is it a wise investment? In my opinion, this product is economically a wise investment. The manufacturer sells it with five-year limited warranty coverage after the date of purchase. And, it can function mainly as a stand-alone bed. That’s indeed a good deal for your money.

Can it be accommodated in a tight living space? Yes, the bed’s framework is a perfect solution for any limited space. When assembled the bed frame offers enough underneath storage space for boxes including personal stuff.


  • This product is sold in the market with 5-year limited coverage, suitable for customers that want a long-term bed for their bedrooms
  • The bed frame has an anti-slip feature, ensuring the mattress stays in place despite frequent rolling or movement brought by active sexual intimacies
  • The design of this bed frame is highly recommended for tight living spaces such as condos, apartments as well as flats


  • Some customers reported poor welding in the bed frame’s metal slats

4. Classic Brands Hercules Platform Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

For customers interested in buying a reliable bed frame with lasting service, then, I do suggest you take time reading this next brand of bed frame I’m going to share, the Hercules Black Heavy Duty Metal Platform Mattress. What makes it an excellent bed frame for sexually active couples?

First of all, the bed frame’s structure is constructed from heavy duty metal, closely sectioned to create a stronger reinforcement. With this expert workmanship, couples are given assurance that the bed frame remains stable despite frequent body movements that could occur during sexual intimacies.

Second, there is no need for the provision of traditional box springs. The sturdy build of the bed frame can support any type of mattress. And, the legs are positioned similarly to a normal bed and covered with plastic caps to prevent scratching the floor surfaces.

Third, the product is professionally packed in compact packaging, which is beneficial for the environment as it lessens the carbon footprint during deliveries. Fourth, the bed frame is covered with 3-years free warranty, giving protection to paying customers found dissatisfied with the purchase.

Fifth, the bed frame height is approximately 14 inches. This raised style construction allows anyone dealing with limited space to have more under bed storage. Imagine, you can use plastic boxes to store your personal belongings and slide them underneath the bed frame.


  • This bed frame has 14-inch height, providing more storage space underneath
  • Built with heavy duty metal, expected for long-term usage
  • Product can be assembled quickly with no special tools required
  • The bed frame is stable enough to support any mattress, eliminating the need for box spring
  • It comes with 3-year free warranty coverage


  • No bracket included for a headboard attachment

5. Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Bed Frame

Are you looking for a queen size bed frame with durable construction? The Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Platform Bed Frame is my best recommendation. Why? Let’s together discover the features that this particular brand has to offer.

Overall, I did find this bed frame to be robustly built. Instead of having the usual four legs, the Simple Houseware Queen Bed Frame takes pride in having six legs attached permanently. This allows the bed frame to stand solidly on any floor surface. Plus, the crossbars of the bed frame are securely welded to support sexually active couples including sleepers with a combined weight of 500 pounds.

Another feature that I like with this bed frame is the platform design. The bed frame itself can support any mattress steadily and replaces the need for box springs.

How about the assembly? Well, similar to other bed frames mentioned above this brand also offers a straightforward guide for its assembly. In fact, no special tools needed to set it up. Anyone with no experience in DIY can quickly comprehend the manufacturer’s assembly instruction and assemble it within a few minutes.

Can it fit nicely in any tight living space? Yes, the height of the bed frame is 14 inches, giving enough clearance under the bed. So, if you live in a small apartment or condo, the bed frame under bed storage space can accommodate plastic boxes.


  • This bed frame has a robust construction with six legs permanently welded, suitable for sexually active couples
  • The weight or load capacity of this product can hold securely two sleepers with a combined weight of 500 pounds
  • Material used for the bed frame is heavy duty metal, proven to be safe and stable for all sleepers including couples engaged in adventurous sexual intimacies
  • Assembly requirement of this bed frame can be done by one person with no tools needed
  • The design of this bed frame is foldable, ideal for quick storage and easy transport when relocating from one place to another


  • This bed frame isn’t compatible with headboard attachment

5. Zinus Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Bed Frame

Next on my list of top-performing bed frames for sexually active couples is the Zinus Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame. Why? Here are the product’s features that I reckon would convince a potential buyer to buy it.

The construction of this bed frame is finely crafted. It has a steel metal framework with ten wooden slates. Any type of mattress can perfectly go with this bed frame. And, I don’t see the need for the placement of a traditional box spring because the bed frame is strong enough to support a mattress. The bed frame is built with a permanent headboard. This is a huge saving for any paying customer with a limited budget.

Among the features that caught my attention while performing a thorough inspection of this bed frame are the anti-slip and noise-free features. The wooden slats are responsible for holding any mattress in place. As for the noise-free efficiency, this is made possible with the foam padded composition, providing optimum support to the weight of the couples during their sexual intimacies.

As for packing, this bed frame has been carefully packed in a compact box. Customers are given assurance that this product will arrive in good condition. Will it require an expert for the assembly? Any individual can quickly understand the manufacturer’s detailed assembly guide and follow it without a struggle.

What other benefits will you get from this bed frame? The bed frame is built ten inches in height. That’s enough under bed storage space for any customer trying to keep his or her room tidy. This bed frame allows you to hide discreetly underneath any storage box with at least seven (7) inch height. And, it’s sold in the market with 5-year limited warranty coverage.


  • The bed frame is built with permanent headboard and ten (10) wooden slats, no need for installation of box spring
  • The manufacturer is selling this product with 5-year limited warranty coverage
  • The bed frame 10-inch height design offers enough under bed storage, can accommodate storage boxes with at least 7-inches height


  • Although it’s professionally packed in a compact box you may need assistance during the unloading and unpacking.

7. Sleeplace 18 Inch High Profile Bed Frame

Another brand that sells heavy duty steel bed frames is the Sleeplace18 Inch High Profile Bed Frame. Its eighteen inches height and durable built makes this bed frame an excellent choice for sexually active couples. Let’s move further to the highlighted features that this bed frame claimed to possess.

Construction, I can fairly say it’s made to last for years. The steel used for the bed frame is tough quality, proven to withstand wear and tear issues that could happen as a couple resort to various sexual positions. The bed frame is strongly built to cater to heavyweight sleepers with a combined weight of 1500 pounds.

The design exhibits elegance all throughout the bed frame. It can go along with any existing furniture piece or décor.

As for the pricing, this brand is one of the bed frames with a reasonable price tag. It’s the best buy for any potential buyer trying to save money, but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Plus, this bed frame has reinforced legs, ensuring stability while sleeping or performing sexual activities.

This bed frame is eighteen inches tall, which I think is spacious enough to store big boxes including a suitcase underneath the bed. Among the other features that this bed frame is proud to have include noise-free performance, no need for box spring installation and hold any heavy mattress.


The bed frame is constructed from heavy duty steel, with low profile legs

  • Spacious storage space is available underneath the bed frame, can accommodate huge boxes, toys and suitcases
  • Provides noise-free use for sexually active couples
  • Weight capacity of this bed frame can hold a combined weight of individuals up to 1500 pounds
  • The manufacturer offers this product with 5-year limited warranty coverage


  • The bed frame lacks padding or cushioning material

8. 45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame

The next brand I’m going to share is rated to be super heavy duty. It’s a must-have bed frame for heavyweight users. Why? The heavy-duty construction can cope with heavy usage including abuses as couples become explorative in their sexual activities. Now, let’s go over the unique features of this bed frame.

The material used for the frame is premium steel and absolutely thicker. The width of steel is approximately 2.4 inches thick, a lot stronger and heavier than other brands available in the market. And, the bed frame is built with multiple legs tested to withstand rigorous twisting and rolling as couples carry out various sexual stunts. The base of the bed frame has a non-slip feature, ensuring the mattress doesn’t slide on the edge.

Is it a good deal for the money? If you will count the number of benefits including the warranty coverage of this bed frame, I can honestly say it’s a good investment. The heavy duty built of this bed frame is covered with a 5-years warranty and has a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. This is exceptionally a bonus for couples that are overweight and in search of a sturdy bed frame.

The bed frame is compatible with any headboard installation. Multiple screw heads are provided for easy installation of the headboard. The assembly procedure of this bed frame is fast and easy. The tools required for the assembly are inclusive in the packaging. All you need is to read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly.

Lastly, the bed frame is 14 inches tall. This gives the user enough space under the bed to store items. And with its foldable mechanism, anyone can fold the bed frame and store it when not in use. The foldable feature of the bed frame makes it a likable furniture piece for any tight space setting.


  • The bed frame steel material is thicker than other brands, at least 2.4 inches thick
  • The 14-inch height of the bed frame provides adequate storage space under the bed
  • Weight capacity of the bed frame is combined weight of 3500 pounds
  • Warranty coverage of this product is 5-years starting from the date of purchase


  • Shipping weight of the bed frame is around 52 pounds, the customer will find it heavier and need assistance while unloading

9. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

One of the brands of bed frames that can fit nicely a queen size mattress is the Manhattan Queen Bed Frame. In fact, you won’t even need a box spring because the bed frame is built with wooden slats that provide stable reinforcement to the mattress.

How about its physical appearance? The bed frame is aesthetically appealing. Its low-profile construction makes it favorable to any bedroom. The bed frame showcases top quality faux leather with padding. It comes in a shade of ebony, suitable for any home décor or interior. Both the bed frame and headboard have padding, soft touch and are very comfortable for users.

Is the assembly requirement easy? This bed frame would require two persons to unload it from the packaging and assemble the parts. As long as you read and follow the instructions, setting it up isn’t complicated. You just need to ensure all parts like legs and headboard are properly screwed to prevent the bed frame from making noise. The assembly timeframe would approximately consume 45 minutes up to one hour, depending on the two-person knowledge in DIY projects.


  • The bed frame is built with a low-profile structure, fit in any bedroom
  • The bed frame has aesthetic appeal, framework including headboard is constructed with extra padding material
  • The product is available in neutral shade of ebony, ideal for any décor or interior of the bedroom
  • This bed frame no longer needs a box spring, it can support any type of queen size mattress
  • Assembly guide including tools needed are included in the packaging


  • Assembly timeline may require 45 minutes to one (1) hour and may need two persons to do the job

10. VECELO Reinforced Metal Bed Frame

The last brand that made it on the list of my comprehensive review is the VECELO Reinforced Metal Bed Frame. This bed frame could be anyone’s top pick if in search of a foldable bed frame with headboard. Let’s carry on with the inspection of this product’s features.

This bed frame is truly a practical investment because it’s built from premium stainless steel and comes with a headboard. Any interested buyer will no longer need to purchase a separate headboard. And, since it’s made from stainless steel, this material can last for years with less maintenance.

The assembly requirement of this bed frame is easy. The manufacturer provided clear instructions on how the customer can assemble the parts and ensure it stands firm on any floor surface.

I did find the design and framework sturdy. The bed frame is supported with nine legs and a support bar in the middle. That’s why it can hold sleepers with a combined weight of 400 pounds. The size of the bed frame can fit in any small bedroom. The bed frame has 11 inches clearance underneath, giving more storage space for customers living in condos or apartments. The bed frame is compatible with any type of mattress with at least six to eight inches thickness.


  • This product comes with a headboard, no box spring needed
  • The material used for the bed frame structure and headboard is 100% stainless steel, maintenance-free and rustproof
  • The bed frame can accommodate any type of mattress with six to eight inches thickness
  • The bed frame has nine legs and support bar in the middle part, guaranteed to offer stable support for a combined weight of 400 pounds
  • The manufacturer offers this product with an easy-to-follow assembly guide, Allen wrench tool and 5-year warranty coverage


  • The product has many screws and can be time-consuming as customer bolts each screw during the assembly

What Things To Look For When Buying a Bed Frame For Sex?

Buying a bed frame designed to match a couple’s active sex life can be really tricky because many brands are available in the market. For your peace of mind that the selected bed frame will bring utmost satisfaction during sexual activities, here are a few things to consider when viewing different models.

Level of bounce

This is a crucial element in every couple’s lovemaking, the bounce feel. I’m sure any couple trying to become more focused on their sexual intimacies would appreciate a bed frame that will give them a decent level of bounce as they move.  An ideal bed frame should make you feel synchronized with your bodily movements during sexual intercourse. It should not make you feel rigid and uncomfortable.


Yes, sexually active couples would definitely need a durable bed frame that can cope with the demands of their physical intimacies. Any bed frame built from stainless metal or thicker metal or wooden slats is expected to last longer than other materials. For example, any bed frame that can accommodate any type of mattress with no provision of box spring and welded permanently is proven to be extremely durable and reliable for sexually active couples.


Yes, this is another major factor to look into when buying a bed frame for sexually active couples, the noise-free use. I’m sure any couple would agree that creating too much noise while lovemaking can create tension. It’s vital to search for a bed frame that is engineered to be noise-free efficient so that couples will have every opportunity to enjoy and just focus on their sexual intimacies.

Support along the edge of the bed frame

Another important feature that any potential buyer should pay attention to is the edge support. Couples trying to explore different lovemaking positions would need a bed frame that can support the mattress and prevent it from sliding. Take time reviewing models of the bed frame and check which one has the ability to hold securely any mattress and keep it in place.


It is a must for any buyer to check on the warranty coverage of a bed frame. Most brands do offer their paying customers with warranties such as one year or up to 5 years limited warranty coverage. If no warranty is disclosed on the product, inquire with the manufacturer or accredited seller the customer protection policy applied.

Attached headboard and footboard

This next feature will depend entirely on the potential buyer’s preference, the presence of a headboard and footboard. For starters, a bed frame that comes with a headboard and footboard is economical. Why? Any bed frame that has attached the headboard and footboard is sturdier and lasts longer than other brands with no provision. Besides, having a bed frame that has a headboard and footboard eliminates buying those parts separately.

Assembly requirement

Each model of bed frame assembly requirement may differ. Potential buyers should factor the assembly process when checking on various brands. If you have no DIY experience, a bed frame with a fast and easy installation is the best buy. You should also read in the manufacturer’s product description about the assembly timeline, need for assistance and tools needed for assembly. Refrain from buying a bed frame that has too complex an assembly process or needs a professional installer.

Material used

The bed frames are usually constructed from hardwood, metal or stainless steel. The final decision on the material used really depends on the buyer’s personal preference. But, for sexually active couples the material used for the bed frame construction is a priority. Any bed frame with solid wood, metal or steel structure is sturdy enough to support sexually active couples.

Under-bed storage space

Lastly, for couples living in tight spaces a bed frame that offers an under-bed storage solution is a plus point. A bed frame model that is built with high-profile has enough under bed clearance that can accommodate storage boxes and plastic containers. When selecting from different models and brands, pay attention to the actual height of the bed frame including the under-bed storage space availability, especially if you live in a tight space condo or apartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bed frame with a higher height safe for sexually active couples?

A bed frame with higher height is considered to be safe for sexually active couples provided it has a strong foundation and reinforcement. Besides, couples with taller heights will find a high-profile bed frame to be more comfortable than a low-profile model.

Which is a good buy, metal or wooden bed frame?

Some customers say that metal or wooden bed frames both create a creaking sound. The highly recommended model of bed frame for sexually active couples should have combined materials such as metal for the framework and wooden slats to form the base.

How to maintain the bed frame’s pristine condition?

The bed frame, its legs and the headboard should be checked regularly for loosened bolts and screws. Couples should also assess if the bed frame feels wobbly or unstable during sexual activities. If any of these signs are evident, tighten the screws and bolts. If some screws have rust formation, replace them with new ones.

Is it necessary for the bed frame to have a headboard or footboard?

It really depends on the users. However, if you prefer a bed frame that has a headboard and footboard, then, make sure that these parts are properly installed. If the bed frame comes with a permanent headboard, then, check if it’s welded securely. Furthermore, you also need to assess the size of your room if it can conveniently fit a bed frame with headboard and/or footboard because they occupy too much space.

How to verify if the brand of a bed frame is trustworthy?

You can read reviews shared by past buyers and check customer’s ratings on different brands of bed frames sold in the market. Weigh both positive and negative reviews before making a final decision. The higher the positive scores of a brand, the more trustworthy.


Couples have varying sexual needs when lovemaking. Some couples are more adventurous in their sexual activities and would require a highly dependable bed frame. I have shortlisted the best bed frame for sexually active couple to ten brands. A suitable bed frame for sexually active couples should be generally sturdy, comfortable and designed for heavy usage. Any of the above brands have features that I’m sure will address your specific requirements.

Take your time exploring each brand carefully until you find the most suitable bed frame that will help you and your partner perform satisfactorily different sexual activities.

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